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MARKI SHKRELI: behind the scenes interview

Posted on: 2011/04/28

Up close and Personal: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

PR: Kate Moss - up close! Did aging, gravity and smoking get the best of her? 

MARKI SHKRELI: Kate Moss is heaven. She looks just as beautiful in person as she does in photos.

PR: What is the new size?
MARKI SHKRELI: The new it size for me is a girl who looks healthy in her own body. Arizona Muse to me looks very healthy and strong which is the 2 most important things a women should look.
PR: Was this your first time working for Chanel?  
MARKI SHKRELI: This was my first time working for Chanel and it was a lot of fun. 

PR: Who did you style there?

MARKI SHKRELI: I had helped style Ruby Aldridge hair. The hair was very classy and effortless.

PR: How was the after party?

MARKI SHKRELI: I didn't end up going to the after party. Had the McQueen show after Chanel and was too tired to go out !

PR: PLS explain the hair at JPG! Ok, we might get the concept of gray hair, and that's good ... That was definitely one element of surprise at that show. 

MARKI SHKRELI: The hair was JPG was amazing! The hair was human hair wigs colored hints of gray. It was a lot of fun putting on the wigs and transforming the girls looks. The girls all loved the wigs!

PR: How long prior to the show do you know which style you will be creating? Do you get all the information well in advance? Are there any last minute changes and drama?

MARKI SHKRELI: Normally there is 3-4 hours before the show in which we have the time to style the girls hair. We receive the information of the hair at the show. The key hairdressers for whose teams I work on such as Guido Palau or Sam Mcknight. They will go over the hair step by step how to achieve the look and the team will observe and follow the directions that the key hairdresser gave so that we know how to achieve the look correctly.

PR: Who has the best hair you've work with, out of all the big names?

MARKI SHKRELI: The best hair that i have ever touched was Isabelli Fontana and Alla Kostromichova. They have such nice beautiful thick hair.

PR: Does all the styling really damage the models' hair, or are there some special tricks and techniques, to help them maintain it?

MARKI SHKRELI: The trick for the girls hair would be to get a trim every 4 weeks instead of every 6 and also use a great conditioning masque such as one of my favorite (Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak ) it leaves hair feeling silky soft.

PR: Pony tails and Louis Vuitton - you can't go wrong with that!

MARKI SHKRELI: The pony tails at Louis Vuitton were great! So sleek sexy. and powerful.

PR: Which models did you style for the show?

MARKI SHKRELI: I had help style the hair of Maryna Linchuk and Kirsi Pyrhonen.

PR: Out of  all the big model names such as Anja, Freja etc, that you simply can't miss specially at Balmain... who's attitude and presence do you like?

MARKI SHKRELI: I love Freja. To me she is the definition of a Balmain girl. Effortlessly sexy, strong and beautiful.

PR: Well you worked on a lot of major shows this season... there must be anecdotes! Share some with us, please.

MARKI SHKRELI: Every show had some sort of anecdote for me. My friends know that I'm always very relaxed and always laughing. There was a person that looked like he was from the future so a friend of mine and I called him Future!
PR: Was is it Lady Gaga? HAHAHAH! We love Milan, it's so sexy- sexy collections, luscious looks! What do you love about it?

MARKI SHKRELI: I love Milan's collections too. It symbolizes Italian Women. Strong. Beautiful. Sexy. and Luscious.
PR: What show did you like the best there? 

MARKI SHKRELI: In Milan I really liked Dolce and Gabbana because it was really 2 shows in one. The models were all amazing in it. Over 60 girls if I remember correctly!

PONY RYDER: What was inspiration for Dolce and Gabbana hairstyle?
MARKI SHKRELI: The inspiration of Dolce and Gabbana collection was from the editorial “Style Gangster” by Peter Lindbergh, in 1991 which had Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington.

PR: Dolce and Gabbana -as always.very sexy.  We love their approach! There was the lady like style and the hmmmm  boyish look.

MARKI SHKRELI: It was interesting how they divided the show into half women / half men and also even more interesting on how they choose which models would be the women and which would be the men.
PR: That is like the theme of the season. Mix the Lady with the butch.  Which one is easier to achieve and maintain?

MARKI SHKRELI: The hair was fun to do for both. The theme was definitely Sicilian Women and Men. 
The "Women" models had a low bun with a natural middle part and the hair sweeping away from the face and done so that it wasn't over done. 
The "Men" models were very 1950's Sicilian boys who would put a lot of grease in there hair and have a pompadour. 
Both were very fun to do. The Women's hair was easier to finish but took longer because the hair had to be blown out into a round brush set and then combed out.
The Men's style was faster but if the girl had a lot of hair it wasn't as easy as it looks to hide all the hair into a French twist making it really close to the head so that their hats would fit. The fun part of the Men's hair style was giving the girls sideburns with there own hair and transforming them from women to boys.

PR: What is the best way to create luscious waves?

MARKI SHKRELI: The best way to create luscious waves is by applying a thickening spray and mousse to damp hair and blow drying the hair with a medium size round-brush and clipping in each section and left in until the hair is cool which is about 15 minutes. After taking out each section use a Mason Pearson brush and brush the hair softly all over to achieve very sexy wavy hair.

PR: Are bangs totally out?

MARKI SHKRELI: I personally love bangs. It brings so much character with a girl that can pull them off. They are effortless and always look classy. 

PR: What about the French bob? It was very popular sometime around 2005. 

MARKI SHKRELI: The French bob is also very strong and sexy. I had seen Daria Pleggenkuhle (INTERVIEW HERE) at the Balmain show. She has a bob and it looked stunning on her.

PR: Your favorite girls this season!

MARKI SHKRELI: There were so many amazing girls this season I really can't even narrow them down to a few. I would be here for hours talking about all of the beautiful women that I have seen this season.

PR: We never actually talked about curly hair. What can a girl do with a curly hair?

MARKI SHKRELI: I really like the product straight by bumble and bumble. It's a great product that is used by applying to damp hair and also works well as a heat protector on the hair to protect if from the heat of the hair dryer.  It really does a great job in battling the curl when blow drying the hair.

PR: Do any models have naturally curly hair? Anyone we know, who's flat ironing the curls?

MARKI  SHKRELI: Arizona Muse and Hanne Gaby have natural wavy hair. There waves are easily taken out by blow drying their hair with a round-brush.

PR: Can you give some general hair maintenance tips for different hair textures.

MARKI SHKRELI: General tips for different hair textures are as followed, No matter which type of hair texture you have it is always important to follow basic rules. Always take care of your hair the best possible way which starts with the shampoo and conditioner. A great shampoo and conditioner will go a very long way in comparison to a cheap shampoo and conditioner. Also regular hair trims and a weekly conditioning masque for the girls are a must to maintain healthy beautiful hair.

PR: So Milan or Paris then?

MARKI SHKRELI: Both Milan and Paris are amazing. But my heart belongs to Paris.

Photos by courtesy of Marki Shkreli


Posted on: 2011/04/27

Amanda Laine
@ DNA Model Mgmt. 

Published in Gloria Magazine Finland May 2011

Styling by Michelle Cameron, Make-up by Chiho Omae, Hair by Shin Arima, Production by Wade Turnbull


ELLA: new digitals

Posted on: 2011/04/25



Posted on: 2011/04/22

 JUDE @ OUI Model Mgmt Paris

SWEDISH HASBEENS: a new must have

Posted on: 2011/04/20

Swedish Hasbeens is all about retro cool 


It is love at first (retro) sight and healthy back interest! How cool are these clogs?!? Can you imagine all the love surrounding them when you know that they are  hand-made AND that they are made out of natural materials!!! I LOVE THESE: ( BECAUSE I am in my essesnce a girly girl. Let's clog together! S.O.L.D

ASHIKA PRATT: polaroid up-date

Posted on: 2011/04/18

Ashika is the new Cover Star of Vogue India

FM London

Anddddd... as the title of Vogue claims: India's new super-star-model.

AMBER ANDERSON: face to watch

Waiting for the next major move

We have this theory that people with the same initials for first and last name are going to be very successful. With that being said, AA here already opened C.Kane, walked for Hermes and will appear in a film with Natalie Portman ( Your Highness) anddddd has her own bigger role going on in Lotus Eaters, which is still in post production. Hm... Initial power. 

Amber Anderson is with @ TESS London @ OUI Paris

SASHA PIVOVAROVA: on the scene

Posted on: 2011/04/14

Sasha's untouched photos: priceless!


LEAH DE WAVRIN: the small talk

Posted on: 2011/04/13

Some girls are just not comfortable enough...

LEAH is @ One NY
Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

PR: You had a makeover some time ago, when your hair was cut short. Did you immediately connect with your new look? 

LEAH DE WAVRIN: I hated it! It took so long to grow back and it is still quiet short.

PR: Which hair is easier to maintain long or short?

LEAH DE WAVRIN: I guess short just because you don't take as much time to dry or wash it and it always looks the same - you don't have to put them up or anything.

PR:  Who does your hair?
LEAH DE WAVRIN:  David Mallet, Michael Angelo or Zouari in Paris.

PR: Do you have a different look and attitude for commercial castings opposed to high fashion castings?
LEAH DE WAVRIN:  Yes, I guess when it's commercial you are more clean cut and smiley. You try to be more fashion for the others.

PR: Why do you think some girls make it big and others just have a regular career in modeling?
LEAH DE WAVRIN: You have to be professional and it's also the personality... Some girls are just not comfortable enough...

(Discover Leah on PR by writing her name in google search bar on the top right corner of pony-ryder)

ANGEL JACKSON: Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

Posted on: 2011/04/12

But Only If YOU Are a Glamour Ambassador

London, 2011

What are the main things I'm looking for when im buying a bag? Simple, timeless, quality dream object.
Angel Jackson is a pretty good brand that covers it all

This is just a sneak peak of their newest collection, but just so you know, what is on my wish list is not even here. YAP. If you go on their official page ( you will not find it there (YET) either,  but I will reveal that its called ANGELIC ATTACHE,  made out of snake skin (NO SNAKES WERE KILLED, seriously). 
As for this spring summer season, anything you see on this LINK:, I am liking, and getting one. HELP. I need a decision maker. 

P.S. And we did an interview with their cover face: Leah.

SHANA ZADRICK: model in the 90'

Posted on: 2011/04/11

Shana Zadrick Where Are You?

Redescovering her made us fall in love with her-again.(RS are not initials, it's just part of KORS (Michael Kors Ad)). YES, we want this look back.


Brand Models (Helsinki) smile for the camera!

- currently in Singapore


Diet Coke Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld S/S 11

with Jeneil Williams

JENEIL WILLIAMS: Yes I cleanse and exfoliate everynight and I use a facial mask every now and again. I love Jergen’s lotion with a mix of Johnson’s baby gel. CONTINUE HERE



Posted on: 2011/04/08

Madelene De La Motte 
@ BRAND Helsinki
@ Marylin NY

You may recognize her from polaroids we posted last year, or from Calvin Klein show, or from Mario Testino Vogue UK shooting, or Alexander McQueen show... who knows where you know her from, but it is important for you to remember her because from all the options she has, you will be seeing a lot of her: WORKING WITH BIG NAMES! 

Anyway... Madelene (De La Motte - the most amazing last name) BLOGS! About everything! That blog, even though it's in swedish ,completely captures you. You find yourself using google translator and enjoying the photos, text, fashion and everything around Madelen. 

Oh you wanna know the link for the blog? OKAY. It's this: CLICK:


Leomie Anderson 
@ Premier London

Leomie booked Dazed and Confused KOREA! Can't wait to see the result. 



Posted on: 2011/04/07


PR: When you were 15 you went to Tokyo! How did you experience it? 

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes I did. It was my first real trip as a model and by myself and now when I think about it I don’t know how I had the courage to go all alone. I remember I had a nice time because I stayed together with another Swedish girl and we had a lot of fun and we are still really good friends. 

But it was hard work there because the Japanese people there are very ambitious and you have long workdays until late at night almost every day but it’s a good experience to have because the fashion business is not really a-nine-to five-job.

PR: Is there something you would recommend to do there?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM:  When you are there you should explore as much as possible, there is so much to see and the culture is so different; the manners, the food, the environment etc. And try the karaoke bars with some friends, you will have a blast!

PR: How was the food in Tokyo? 

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Some things were delicious and some things were just weird. I learned to eat sushi and sashimi there and it’s really great there. But they have some really weird food over there, like dried mini-fishes, with eyes and everything, as snacks and those things I can live without.

PR: Were you the tallest on the street there? 

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes I think so. I remember constantly getting poked in my eyes by their umbrellas because I was so much taller than them.

PR: So you like fish… Is there any fish you particularly like? 

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: I like salmon and cod. In the summers when I was little I loved the smoked mackerel, which my parents bought from the local fisherman down, at our country house. It was served with lemon, dill and fresh potatoes.

PR: Do you cook? 

Elite Barcelona
JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes I do but more when I’m home in Sweden when my friends and me have dinner parties or when cooking for my family. When I am out traveling it’s harder and half the pleasure in cooking is to do it together with someone else.

PR: Do you understand the importance of breakfast?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes, when I was little I was told that breakfast is the most important meal and there is a saying that goes like “ Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” I don’t know if that’s true but anyway.

PR: What do you usually have for breakfast?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: For breakfast I usually have raspberries with vanilla yoghurt and a lot of grounded cinnamon. Sometimes I’ll have an egg or a smoothie, depends on what I feel like having. Last but not the least coffee or blueberry - rooibos tea.

PR: Do you avoid any type of food? Surely you have to have food indulgence…

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: I don’t really know but I prefer eating veggies and nice meat and fish and I am not a big fan of fried food. 
There are a lot of really good yoghurt-ice cream places in New York, which are perfect to visit when it’s hot in the summer.

LEOMIE ANDERSON: the polaroids

@ Premier Model Agency London

Leomie is a lovely, charming, leggy model from London and a star of Premier's TV Show The model agency (and Darya Kurovska is a bad tomboy). MMMMH. If you don't have Chanel 4 (or whatever BBC), you simply go here: CLICK
When you think about it, Cato was launched with Vogue's reality TV show... so this is a good  exposure for Leomie as well. But she is a stunner. She really is. And her smile... well... She certainly has a capturing personality.

ANNEMARA POST : polaroids

Posted on: 2011/04/06

@ WhyNot Models Milano

We are having our eye on her! You know she is a future blue chip when you find out that she is scouted by Wilma Wakker. And of course, after Elle Russia February 2011 Editorial and her debut on Marc Jacobs show 2010.


Posted on: 2011/04/05

@ Marylin NY

ph: Honer Akrawi

PR: You travel a lot! Which cuisine of all the places you went to was the best?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Wow that’s a difficult question but a place where the food was very different with lots of flavors and colors was in Marrakech in Morocco. They have a lot of lamb, couscous and vegetables that they cook in a kind of clay-pot. The fruit I had in Bali was amazing so much more rich in flavor and color than here.

LANA KLJUCARIC: the visual artist

Posted on: 2011/04/04

LANA KLJUCARIC, visual artist and illustrator, is presenting her new series of work. THE MODELS.

I'm sure you recognize 70% of this faces... and have maybe heard about Lana's work when we published her series of male model portraits(2010). (HERE)

So, let's start with Freja Beha (because Lana even looks like her)...



HILDIE GIFSTAD: fresh image

Posted on: 2011/04/02

Hildie Gifstad @ NEXT Paris 

Paris, 2011

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