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SAARA SIHVONEN: at Bondi Beach

Posted on: 2011/05/30

@ BRAND Finland

Australia, 2011

BAMBI NORTHWOOD BLYTH: as a guest blogger

Posted on: 2011/05/26


Morning started (after a loooong- WORK PREP - night, and chat with Belle-hope you get well soon xx) in a very Aussie flair. First Bambi -the model, then Sacha (our first not published (ah deadlines), interview). 

KATERINA SMUTOK: the beauty tip

Posted on: 2011/05/25


Ph.: Nicole Demeshik

PR: Do you know any beauty home made recipe?

KATERINA SMUTOK: Oh, I use my moms recipe – mix oats, sodium and water. Put it on the face and shoulders for 20 min. Still don't know how it helps, I just like the process...


Posted on: 2011/05/23


@ Wienermodels Austria MOTHER AGENCY / D mgmt Milano/ Elite London

Michael Brus Ph.


PR: Best restaurant? 

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I would recommend Dots in the 19. District. It’s experimental sushi and they have really crazy different sushi - try the crunchy rolls mh mh mh mhmmmm
Ph. M. Brus

PR:  Place for a quick breakfast? 

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I’m an egg and bacon kind of guy – can’t have sweets!!!

PR:  The best place to have a drink?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Go to the SkyBar - order a Vodka Gimlet and enjoy your view.

PR:  Coffee place?

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Definitely not Starbucks

PR: When you think of it, Austria is full of great sweet treats! Do you like it?
Ph. M. Brus
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I’m not a sweet person at all! Once in a while I grab a chocolate bar but I think I had enough when I was a little kid, hahaha.

PR: Mozart or Bach?

PR: Your choice of club?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I would say Volksgarten but I haven't been out in ages in Vienna

PR: The best place to enjoy the city without spending a penny?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Castle Schoenbrunn

PR: What is your favorite tourist spot in Wiena?


PR: We love Elfride Jelinek. She is a little bit scandalous but still… that’s a good thing sometimes.You?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR:  Scandals draw attention. Some people happened to be in them, some just want the attention for publicity


Posted on: 2011/05/22



Posted on: 2011/05/19


  • new MANGO Autumn/Winter 2011 women's collection presented  in Paris few days ago.

NYASHA MATONHODZE: for Louis Vuitton FW 2011

Nyasha Matonhodze

Nyasha will join the new cast of Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign FW 2011 that you can see HERE(link)

vogue it

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO: breakfast in Cannes

Posted on: 2011/05/18

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO's breakfast this morning in Cannes (via twitter).


  •  obviously yes

AMRA SILAJDZIC: the interview

Posted on: 2011/05/16


Amra : " People emphasize looks wherever you go"


PR: Hello Amra! You made such a buzz by appearing in the Enrique Iglesias video (HERE)! Almost like Nina Moric in Ricky Martin's video. Do you know who she is?

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Yes, I know who Nina is. Actually, my manager used to work with her at that time. How funny!

PR: How do you like the song? Enrique's music is really great for making you want to hit the dance floor!

AMRA SILAJDZIC: The song is great! It's not really a dance song like some of Enrique's other songs but rather a love song. I love the Latin beat, my ears can never get bored of it! We filmed it at a very exclusive club in Los Angeles called Trousdale.

PR: How were you cast for the video?

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I had an audition trough my agency, Pinkerton, and that was it! A great experience! 

PR: What was Enrique like on the shoot? 
AMRA SILAJDZIC: Enrique is very nice and very approachable. We shot several scenes together and he was a true professional always.

PR: You are currently taking acting classes at the Howard Fine Studio. Do you see improvement in your acting since you started attending the classes? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Acting is an art form. I think actors in general should always try to improve their art. I am no different when it comes to this and I work very hard to be the best in everything I do.

PR: Your role in CSI: wow, also one sexy interpretation! Do you avoid certain roles now while you're working on your accent? Are you afraid of being type-cast because of your origin?

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I speak 4 different languages so studios like that and I can change my accent depending on the project. 
I think my ability to change my accent has made me quite versatile as an actress and actually landed me more roles. Still, I am very aware of a fact that American accent is the most important one and I’m working on it every day.

PR: Where can we expect to see you next (acting wise)?

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I am working on several exciting projects right now so stay tuned!

PR: How did you start modeling? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I started very young when my mom signed me up for Metropolitan Model Contest and behind my back. 

Being totally into sports and especially martial arts, she knew I was never going to do it myself. She believed in me, and when they called me in and after several months of training and competing in different cities, I was a winner in Bosnia.

Winning a press winner prize on a world contest in Beijing, China, and signing a contract with Metropolitan agency in Paris, my modeling career has started.

PR: You are Bosnian, you were married, you have a daughter, you moved to the USA… you are either very capable or not afraid of anything! Which one is it? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: It's both. In life you have to learn to adjust to new situations. Life has been and continues to be an adventure for me.

PR: How do you like living in LA? Life must be quite different from the one you had in Europe. The lifestyle itself is very different, no? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I love LA! It's the perfect city: great weather and nice people. The pace is perfect, and this is the heart of the entertainment industry so overall it's the ideal city for me.

PR: Do people in your country of birth put so much emphasis on looks as they do in LA?

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I don't know that LA is any different than anywhere else. People emphasize looks wherever you go. LA happens to be the center of the entertainment business so it draws people whose career is their look.

PR: What do you see more in LA: examples of good plastic surgery or bad?

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Well there is certainly a lot of plastic surgery in LA but I see a trend in recent years towards a more natural look for women.


PR: What type of exercise do you do? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Sport has always been a big and important part of my life. I used to compete for national team in track and field and was several times an international champion in taekwondo. 

I just love running and that's my best therapy for everything. Last LA marathon was the best experience of this kind so far :).

I go to the gym almost every day... I hike, swim, play tennis... Anything with what I can spice up my sports life a bit ... And yeah, Bikram Yoga rocks!!

PR: Famous model Christie Brinkley said that for good looks you have to posses 2 things: first good genes, second: a good dermatologist! We know you have great genes, but do you have a dermatologist? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Well if you have good genes then I guess you don't need a good dermatologist, right? 

PR: No….(?). Tell us about your basic skincare routine?  

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I use different brands and change them every 3 month or so. I never had problems with my skin and I never put anything aggressive on it, moisturizing creams, nice masks and pilings based on plants is all I go for.

PR: Do you apply sun factor daily? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Yes, every day. I know how important this is to reduce the harmful effect of UV rays.

PR: Do you have a beauty secret or a home recipe you could share with our readers? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Not really. I feel good in my skin, I laugh a lot... That's for sure one of the biggest beauty 'secrets'.

PR: Do you prepare Bosnian food at home? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I almost have no time to ever cook in my house even though I really like it a lot. 
Sometimes, when I want to surprise my friends, I prepare my daughter's favorite Bosnian meal called "pita zeljanica" (a spinach pie).

PR: Has your food regime changed since staying in LA…  LA is all about health and we don't know if rich Bosnian cuisine can be healthy… 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Yes it definitely has. I try to stick with fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water. 
Bosnian food is amazing but if I eat it every day, I'm not so sure I would be very healthy. 

PR: What does your breakfast look like? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: I'm almost never hungry in the morning or always in a hurry but I'm trying to have a proper breakfast every morning. Instead of bowl of fresh fruits which is my favorite I'm trying to have a nice egg whites omelet with vegetables, to keep me more energized till lunch.

PR: What is your favorite restaurant in LA? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Well I like most places in LA, but if I have to choose one then it is Katana (HERE).

PR: What are the main values in your life? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Love, honesty, appreciation... Respect. 
We are all different, yet we are all the same in the sense we want to be respected for how we think and believe.

PR: And your life motto? 

AMRA SILAJDZIC: Live simply, love generously, care deeply, and speak kindly.

The source of photos shown at (Amra Silajdzic's interview) is Amra's Facebook Page.

ASHLEY SMITH: the interview

Posted on: 2011/05/11

"Ashley Smith: Perfection at its peak"

Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for NUMERO
vs pink

PR: Coffee or tea? 

PR: You shared a cover with Lauren Hutton! You knew when you were shooting with her how big she is?

ASHLEY SMITH: Of course I knew who LAUREN HUTTON was, I knew before I was even modeling. Yes, I knew Lauren as a beauty icon before the shoot, after the shoot I now know her as a symbol of strength, confidence and feminism. She is beyond her looks! And I was so enchanted to make her acquaintance.

PR: Well you never know, we had to ask, you are after all... SO YOUNG! Do you know SO YOUNG, your colleague-model? We don't know if that's the coolest name or the strangest name.

ASHLEY SMITH: I love unique names! Hers is definitely special! I wonder what kind of jokes she will get when she is older though. I imagine her meeting a man for the first time and her saying, "HI! I am SO Young!" and the man not sure how to respond.
Will Davidson for RUSSH

PR: We want to know more about Lauren! Is she... A DIVA?
ASHLEY SMITH: NO WAY! Lauren is no diva at all. Which can probably be hard. This industry is made to turn us all into divas in a way. But when your hair and skin are being pulled and poked all day, you tend to get a little annoyed. 
I applaud her for her ability to stay grounded. And I hope I will remain the same as well.
PR: What did you two chat about?
ASHLEY SMITH: Everything under the sun, we talked about her journeys to Africa and how the modeling industry has changed. Also we talked about her make-upline ( Its really innovative design with good natural products.
PR: We didn’t know that.
ASHLEY SMITH: You should check it out.
PH: Thierry LeGoues for FRENCH
PR: Definitely. Ashley, did you ever consider modeling before Alan Foreman approached you?

ASHLEY SMITH: I had the occasional housewife come in my grocery store and tell me how I looked like a model and should try it out. But never really bothered myself to actually peruse it. Alan and Tanni did all the foot work to get me to New York, and once I got to New York, I was too excited to not continue there.

PR: Prior to this interview, we actually read 2 interviews with you! We loved you dynamic energy! Do you get that energy from an overdose of coffee or you are a natural?

ASHLEY SMITH: Natural! My brain is always going, thinking, planning my next attack or move. This has become a sore to my agents here in New York I’m sure. ALWAYS asking questions. Always curious!

PR: We love our Adidas sneakers, and you seem more as a Converse type (We're not saying we're not)... are we right?
ASHLEY SMITH: With Converse branding themselves with the rocker chick, I suppose yes, I am much more of a Converse girl. But I don't even own one pair of Converse. In fact my only sneakers in my closet right now are Reeboks (
PR: Converse are not comfortable at all!!! Is it just us?
ASHLEY SMITH: Its not just you, you have to break them in, and they look all funny when they are all clean. So Converse takes some time and energy.
ph. Daniel Jackson FOR  A.WENG

PR: Speaking of it, what are the most comfortable high heels that you own?  
ASHLEY SMITH: My favorite heels I own… MIU MIU black patent leather studded heels. They don't look comfortable. But surprisingly they are!
PR: Wang handbags are gorgeous, aren't they?
ASHLEY SMITH: I OWN TWO (HERE) ! My favorite bag to hit the market in the last five years.

PR: What is your other favorite bag?
ASHLEY SMITH: Wang is by far my favorite. I surprisingly don't own any other designer bags. The rest of my bags are all vintage. I love vintage 80s clutches.
Josh Olins for TOPSHOP

PR: How often do you visit TOPSHOP?
ASHLEY SMITH: I visit it at least twice a month.
PR: what is your best buy there?
ASHLEY SMITH: My favorite buy there are the cute floral stockings and cardigans. Also really amazing coats in the fall. I have three faux fur jackets from them, super warm and terribly cute!
PR: And from these 3 : Mango, H&M, Zara...
PR: Which brand are your favorite leggings?
ASHLEY SMITH: FALKE (HERE) , by far the best. And worth the price.
PR: The sun is finally shining: what are your fashion essentials?
ASHLEY SMITH: I hate wearing too much clothes, winter drives me mad. So as soon as the sun starts so do I, with my short floral dresses and ACNE cut off shorts. You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the cut off shorts and bikini tops out of the girl.
Will Davidson for RUSSH


PR: Hallelou! LOL. Do you have body worries?

ASHLEY SMITH: Body worries? Nah. I work out to stay in shape, eat healthy, I use loads of sun screen for skin. Drink loads of water! 
The only skin worry I have is that my boyfriend has a beard, and after kissing him my chin always gets all sore. But what are you to do about that? Its unavoidable when you like bearded guys!

PR: Haha.  Share with us your gym routine!

ASHLEY SMITH: I go somewhere between 2-5 times a week depending on a lot of things. I do Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. But when I go to the normal part  of the gym I mostly focus on my cardio. 


@ C.Kane via TFS
PR: How do you maintain your skin?
ASHLEY SMITH: I get asked this question in every interview I have ever done, and I find it hard to answer every time! I’m 20 years old! That’s my best beauty secret!
PR: Well it is unavoidable question.
ASHLEY SMITH: But besides that: 
  • H2O, loads of water and not crappy sugary drinks  
  • Cut back on dairy products, there are a lot of foreign hormones in milk that throw your own hormones out of balance.  
  • With all the constant on and off with make up, a good make up remover is always needed! I use soft cotton balls and Bioderma Crealine to remove the face make up and Chanel Precision Gental Eye make up Remover for the heavy mascara and black eye shadow looks.  
  • SUN SCREEN! It’s hard for the sun loving Texas girl to stay out of the sun when it’s out. So make sure your always protected! Shiseido 60 SPF ultimate sun protection lotion. It’s not a heavy oily lotion so it won’t clog your pores!  
PR: Any other beauty ritual?
Ph. Hugh Lippe for c.editor
ASHLEY SMITH: Everything I just said for previous question. I do all of that after a shower. And the sun screen every morning!!! Even if it’s cloudly outside.
PR: Are you a natural blond?

ASHLEY SMITH: I am a natural blonde, but more of a natural blond in the ASHY blonde sense. Some call it "Dirty Blonde
I bleach my hair as blonde as I have it in all my pictures. WHICH does MAD damage to it. So I use a lot of replenishing moisturizing shampoos, conditions and hair masks.

PR: Are there hair products that you particularly love?

ASHLEY SMITH: I use the expensive Bumble and Bumble quenching shampoo and conditioner. It’s great for extremely dry hair and they also have a ten minute mask under the "quenching" name as well.
PH. Thomas Lohr for DANSK
But if you don't have cases to these types of pro products, I would highly recommend L’Oreal Ever Strong sulfate-freehydrate shampoo and conditioner. It’s the best product on the shelves in a common store like Walmart. And only around 7 or 8 dollars
And Moroccan oil is really awesome for my dry frizzy hair. I use Je Veux Moroccan oil, the sent isn't over powering and the label design is cool.

PR: O.K. why on earth is everyone crazy about Miss Kitty?
ASHLEY SMITH: What’s Miss Kitty? You mean Hello Kitty?
PR: Oh c**p. YES. Hello Kitty.
ASHLEY SMITH: I’m not the person to ask, I have never understood that craze. My best friend in Texas has Hello Kitty tattoos, some girls just relate to the cute character. 


Ph: Armin Morbach | Tush September 2010 Cover
PR: Ashley, nutrition is important, wouldn't you say?

ASHLEY SMITH: Extremely important, you treat your body and mind the way you want it to treat you back!
PR: Do you pay attention that products you use are organic?
ASHLEY SMITH: Yeah, I can’t say I always buy organic but most of my fruit and vegetables are always bought organic. Oh and Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate. Holy crap! Try it!
PR: Will do!!! If we were about to open your fridge, what would we find?
ASHLEY SMITH: Let’s see, I’m opening it now, I have almond milk, Newman’s lemon-aid, maple syrup, flax seed oil, blueberries, strawberries, loads of hummus and carrots, and… well its a small fridge, so not much more. I eat out a lot! 
PR: What is your favorite dish?
ASHLEY SMITH: Vegetable tempura! I love Japanese food. Oh or vegetable enchiladas. But if you asked me this three years ago, before I started getting healthy, I would have told you a whole bag of sour gummy worms.

PR: Hm. What is your favorite vegetable?

ASHLEY SMITH: Broccoli! It’s so freaking good; I just eat it raw most of the time.

PR: Your favorite smoothie?

ASHLEY SMITH: Blueberries, bananas, peanut butter, almond milk and chocolate protein mix. Sounds weird. But it’s so delicious.

PR: What do you usually have for breakfast?
PH. Randall Mesdon for Intermix
ASHLEY SMITH: Every morning I have oatmeal made from almond milk with flax seed oil and blueberries. Breakfast of champions!

PR: An apple a day! Which apple sort is your favorite?

ASHLEY SMITH: My favorite apple is a Granny Smith! Maybe cause we share the same last name.

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