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ALICA KALK: new face

Posted on: 2011/08/31


Alica @ NFACE HAMBURG (contact:

Over the top, but isn't that exciting?
Alica is 1,75m, completely new, based in Hamburg with mother agency NFACE.

PATRICIA SCHMID: the interview

Posted on: 2011/08/25


Patricia Schmid: "We often forget that we are all born without clothes… "

Michel Comte for Maurice Lacroix


Mario Testino for Vogue France

PR: Tell us more about how you started modeling!

PATRICIA SCHMID: I first toyed with the idea of modeling when I was 16 and my godmother sent in pictures of me for the Swiss Cover Girl competition

I won the competition and secured a local Swiss campaign. I decided to finish my education before leaving Switzerland and taking up modeling professionally. 

I studied Economics, Languages and Accounting at university…..a very different world to fashion. When I finished my studies I was almost 20 years old and left for Milan where everything began…

PR: Has being part of top 50 had any influence on your career?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I’m extremely honored to be one of the top 50 models on It certainly did not harm my career in anyway!

PR: What was the turning point in your career, what was your first big break?

by Olivier Marcillac for L'officiel
PATRICIA SCHMID: My turning point came very early on in my career when I first worked with Mario Testino in my first year of modeling. 

I did some great jobs and covers with Mario and Carine Roitfeld. The cover of French Vogue was a very special moment for me and definitely the turning point in my career. 

I was also fortunate enough to work with some of the best photographers and prestigious luxury brands as well as discover the world and meet the most inspiring people. This was also the moment when I became financially independent.

PR: You are one of top editorial girls in the business. Have any specific editorials given your career a big push?

PATRICIA SCHMID: Yes for sure the French Vogue cover with Maria Carla Boscono gave my career a big push as well as all the other great magazine editorials after that, like i-D, Numero and all the other Vogues. 

PR: At what time you did you decide you needed a small break and why?

PATRICIA SCHMID: It was after 3 years of modeling that I realized that I needed a little time for myself and had the desire to travel the world without the long days at the studio and the full hair and makeup.
So as not to do things in halves, I took a full year off as a sabbatical. 
This period of my life was an amazing experience, it allowed me to learn things that I had previously not had time to do and also helped to drive my motivation and ambition. Also it was during that period that I met my fiancé Frederic.
I am now back to modeling fulltime and focusing on my career.

PR: Are you now around New York more or Europe? 

PATRICIA SCHMID:  I am spending my time between NYC and Paris. I’ve got a flat in the West Village and one in Switzerland.
Vogue Paris

PR: Which market has proven to be best for you, most effective in terms of the quality and quantity of bookings?

PATRICIA SCHMID: Hmmmmm. That is a tricky question as the top high fashion markets like New York, Paris, London and Milan are all important and effective for a girl’s career. That being said, I personally find that I have ongoing success in the New York and Paris markets

PR: When you decide to buy expensive shoes, which brand is first on your list?

PATRICIA SCHMID: For shoes I usually shop at Chanel or YSL. Those are my two favorite brands for expensive shoes. 
For me shoes are like jewels for the feet and help to lengthen my legs look and often complete an outfit

PR: How about handbags?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I love Lanvin handbags of course Chanel….there is something special about Parisian chic.

PR: You are one of the lucky girls who shoot cosmetics ads, the most lucrative booking in the industry! You have Shiseido campaigns under your belt! How does a model get chosen to do such a prestigious job? Do cosmetics campaigns involve regular castings? 

PATRICIA SCHMID: Doing a campaign for a leading cosmetic brand is amazing in all the sense of the word. You both learn and earn a lot! I personally believe that models get booked on such campaigns for what they stand for and their ability to represent the brand. 
In the case of Shiseido, I worked on the campaign with Mario Testino. The contract was for 3 years and it was a fantastic experience. I loved working with the Japanese client and working with Mario of course!

PR: Before doing the shoot for the cosmetics campaign, did you have a special beauty treatment for the skin and hair?

PATRICIA SCHMID: Honestly, this one will probably surprise you. I am very fortunate to have a good complexion. I also do take good care of my skin through eating well, exercising regularly and being selective as to what products I apply. I try to take a minimal approach, as my skin does not require much.
Pure water and a good moisturizer tends to do the trick! But I do only like to use the best products and pamper myself!

PR: So you use Shiseido?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I still continue to use a lot of their products. One of my favorites is their concealer, which is particularly useful for bad skin days (haha…yes even models have them too!)

PR: That's hard to believe. (haha) . Patricia, you were also one of the first girls who had the bob hair cut! Who decided on your look? 

PATRICIA SCHMID: Yes, I was the leader of the pack for the bob hairstyle. It did make famous and I was often compared to celebrities like Mireille Mathieu and Louise Brooks.

It happened when I first arrived in Milan, I had very long hair and my agency decided to cut my hair into a bob style. 

When I looked in the mirror for the first time I was shocked. I looked like a 12year old child! After a while though I fell in love with it and I started regularly working with Mario Testino. Since then I’ve been given variations of the bob, every hair stylist has had their own vision how my style should be.

PR: But you don't have the same look anymore…

PATRICIA SCHMID: I kept it for three years and then changed my hairstyle when I took my break. I really loved my bob and in particular the effect it had. But I strongly believe that there is a time and place for everything.
Bobs were not good at attracting men, so I decided to do something about it!

PR: That's a good reason! (haha) You recently started making jewelry! What materials do you like to work with? 

PATRICIA SCHMID: I love crafting jewelry for myself. I decided to start making it for others based on the feedback my friends gave me, asking me where I bought it!!. I work with whatever I can get my hands on as long as it is elegant and simple to craft. As a result of this, I work with materials like suede and leather. I had my first shots at making silver jewelry too but I am still learning the craft.

PR: In which school did you take the course at?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I am a self-taught, I believe in trying first and then learning afterwards. I do intend to attend a few courses to improve my skills in the near future

PR: Jewelry designers usually take the back seat in the media. Where do you usually buy your jewelry and is there any designer that you particularly like?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I have always loved jewelry but hardly bought it for myself  :). Is it not men, who buy jewelry for women? I love looking at them...they fascinate me. 
I have a weakness for Cartier, especially their line with wild animals.

PR: Is Cartier also your biggest influence?

PATRICIA SCHMID: My main influence does not come from one designer in particular but from my belief in beauty. I strongly believe that jewelry needs to underline the beauty of a woman, not to “steal the show”.
No woman wants to be remembered for having beautiful jeweler, every woman wants to be remembered for being beautiful! My creations respect this simple principle.

by Lee Broomfield for Vogue Latin America

PR: So... that thing you said, that monks in Nepal can use the power of their mind to contort silver jewelry... is that true? You actually saw that?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I am very spiritual, so I believe that different elements have a power on us. I have not seen the Nepalese monks yet but have heard a lot about them. I will let you know when I’ve done it!

ID magazine by Richard Bush

PR: Do you travel a lot just for your own soul, not solely for modeling purposes?  

PATRICIA SCHMID: Being a fashion model requires a lot of travelling, so I do. Outside of it, I try to travel with my boyfriend to beautiful spots where there is just nature, good and healthy food and a lot of sun.
We love special hideaways and spending quality time together. I often need to recharge my batteries when I am over exposed to city life and work. 
I love to do yoga and meditation so I need to find some quiet places. 

Vogue Paris
PR: What are some of your favorite traveling spots?

PATRICIA SCHMID: My favorite spots so far are Tulum, the South of France, the Seychelles and Tahiti.

PR: What about a favorite modeling trip?

PATRICIA SCHMID: My favorite modeling trip was in Buenos Aires and Tahiti.

PR: You did a very provocative shooting with Tiiu Kuik and Sydonie Herrera. Actually, it was not your only nude editorial. 

PATRICIA SCHMID: This was my first nude shoot. It took a lot of courage to do but it was quite funny after the first session of shooting (we had like 3 or 4 sessions in total) when we arrived we all got naked almost straight away! 

PR: Do you pay special attention to your body before shoot like that?

PATRICIA SCHMID: I take care of my body all year round and I’m a super healthy person. 

PR: Would you consider doing a Playboy editorial? Do you think that there's a difference in posing nude for a men's magazine, compared to posing nude in a fashion or beauty spread?
by Tom Betterton & Jenny Cage/Gravure n°3

PATRICIA SCHMID: I believe there is a difference between Playboy and a fashion magazine but if the story would be done with style, grace and with a top photographer, then yes I would do Playboy. 
I love nudity and the human form and think that as long it is tastefully done I have nothing against it. We often forget that we are all born without clothes… 

PR: How do you stay in shape? Modeling criteria is not easy to fulfill. What exactly do you do?

PATRICIA SCHMID: In the beginning it was quite difficult as my body was in transformation from a girl into a young woman and to be honest I did not know what was going on. 
I tried everything natural and now I found this amazing wellbeing doctor in the US who advises me about being healthy through balanced and personalized food diet and supplements.
It also took me a while to realize that I don’t need hardcore sports for my body, as it just puts more stress onto it. 
So now I keep my body in shape with Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Pilates and Swimming.

PR: Curves or no curves? What is beautiful for you, on a personal level?

PATRICIA SCHMID: Good question. I honestly like myself slim. I feel stronger and healthier and the clothes hang better off me. I have the fortune to be slender with natural curves.

PR: How often do you visit spa? Which one is your favorite?

PATRICIA SCHMID: My favorite spa is in NYC and called Pratima. There, I always have the feeling that I’m not in the city anymore. It is amazing how you feel after one treatment, like you are in a whole new body!!
ID magazine by Richard Bush

PR: What is your ultimate beauty indulgence?

PATRICIA SCHMID: Indian massages are at the top of the list! But it is difficult to tell whether they can top a nap in the sunshine at the beach…

PR: Do you visit a dermatologist? 

PATRICIA SCHMID: No I have never had the need to visit a dermatologist. It is certainly important if you have problem skin though.

PR: What make-up do you always wear?

PATRICIA SCHMID: Being a product junkie I am forever trying new products. 
I must say that I am currently very happy with both the L’Oreal and Chanel products
I have a good mix of both brands that I use regularly when I need to wear make up.


Posted on: 2011/08/24

@ Skin Mgmt Netherlands @ d'mgmt Milano

Photographed by Dennis Veldman (, Styled by Lisa Schuil (,

PATRICIA SCHMID: summer memories

Posted on: 2011/08/23


Patricia Schmid

PR: Where will you spend this summer?

PATRICIA SCHMID: This summer we’ve rented a house in South of France for one month. I can’t wait to be there!!

PR: What is your dearest summer memory?

PATRICIA SCHMID: When I met my fiancé in Paris and we did a road trip in Tuscany soon after that.

PR: Your favorite 5 tracks to listen to for the summer or at the moment?


1.Cold War Kids: what is mine is yours

2.Chris Isaak: wicked game

3.Editors: No sound but the wind

4.Michel Delpech: Pour un flirt avec toi

5.The Eagles: Hotel California



Photographed by Brian Keith.

With the new head booker, is MC2 waking up? (


Posted on: 2011/08/22

Henna and Vera



Photographed by JESSE LAITINEN (

OLGA: the new face

Posted on: 2011/08/19


Can you believe that this fragile 18 old was a  national champion in swimming? Well let's wait to see how her  runway debut in London and Milan will go. Go Poland!

Olga is 18 years old - 178 tall - 85 - 61 - 86.

ON HOLIDAYS: almost back


KATIE FOGARTY: the interview

Posted on: 2011/08/02

"Katie Fogarty: Simply Fabulous"

PH. Kai Z. Feng and styled by Naomi Smith for Vogue Australia
PH. Kai Z. Feng and styled by Naomi Smith for Vogue Australia

PR: Katie, finally this interview is happening! Tell us about your start. What was your initial reaction when Jeff and Mary approached you? 

Source: TFS
KATIE FOGARTY: At first I thought they were mall security trying to accuse me of doing something wrong. I almost ran! 
After they stopped my parents and me, told me I was beautiful and should model. At the time I had braces, bangs,and basketball shorts; apparently a stunning combination. :) It was surreal. 
After the meeting, I remember getting a smoothie with the family and my best friend staring into space, contemplating what just happened!

PR: The magic mall… what is it called?
KATIE FOGARTY: It was the West County Mall in Des Peres, MO.

PR: Is it true that your mother agents bought you basic wardrobe for your first castings for fashion week?

KATIE FOGARTY: I went to a Catholic all girls school with a uniform. The only clothes I had were gym shorts and tee shirts; not quite casting material. 
So yes, they came to me with a huge bag of black and white basics from H&M.

PR: Do you remember your first castings? 

KATIE FOGARTY:  My first castings I remember being in awe of NYC. I'll never forget my first castings with Michelle Lee, Russel Marsh, Douglas Perret, and the infamous Calvin casting: 8 hours, all white walls, no book.

PR: Where do you shop now and what do you look for?  

Tesh for Elle Russia
KATIE FOGARTY: I very rarely shop intentionally. Most retail stores stress me out, so I stick with thrift and vintage stores around my neighborhood. I'm always inspired by Grace Kelly, Audrey and Catherine Hepburn. Some days I love looking super lady-like and classic, and others I like to look like a real nerd. 

PR: Who influenced your style?  
KATIE FOGARTY: My amazingly stunning roommate, Marc Sebastian, has influenced my style quite a bit with his perfect use of jackets, cuffs, button downs, and tailoring.

PR: What brand of high heels that you own is your favorite but is also the most comfortable?
KATIE FOGARTY: To be completely frank with you, there is no such thing as a comfortable high heel. 
There is a reason women don't wear heels when going on hikes. No one WANTS to have there ankle at anything other than 180 degrees.

PR: Do you own Christian Louboutin shoes?  
KATIE FOGARTY: I would never wear these shoes by choice. You can definitely tell they are made by a man!

PR: What was your most embarrassing runway or “working model” moment?
KATIE FOGARTY: I think this pretty much sums it up :)  
 Rex Features

PR: LOL, Yes it does. (: .You are wearing reading glasses! What brand are they?

KATIE FOGARTY: Haha those are my glasses for distance actually. I bought them at MODO optical in Soho. They're Philip Lim. 
PR: Ok, we know you are a foodie…does that mean you love to eat more or cook?

KATIE FOGARTY: They kind of go together! How can you love to cook without loving to eat? There is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of my labor or sharing something I made with a loved one.

Benny Horne for Russh

PR: Top Chef! Do you watch Top Chef masters? Who is your favorite? 

KATIE FOGARTY: I do watch Top Chef masters and a bunch of cooking shows! However, I haven't had a chance to get that into it because I've been finishing school on line and working loads (which is fantastic!).

PR: Which American chef do you admire?
KATIE FOGARTY: I really admire what Julia Child did for the American home cook. It is not an easy task to make Americans adopt another culture's food. Before her, the average American chef saw French cuisine as foreign as people see Indian food today.

Max Von Gumppenberg & Patrick Bienert for 10
PR: Would you like to be classically trained? 

KATIE FOGARTY: I would LOVE to be classically trained in both the USA and Paris! 
At the moment, I'm too busy, but I've looked into some weekend classes at the French Culinary Institute in Soho. I think I would need to learn more French before I try to train in Paris.

PR: Since you are into food and you travel so much tell us about your favorite meals and where did you had them? 

KATIE FOGARTY: My most memorable meal that really made me realize that there was more to food than what I grew up with was in Paris. At this restaurant Le 404 three years ago. It was a Moroccan tagine with tabouli, cucumber salad, and mint tea. 

The best part of my recent visit to Brazil was the acai blended with banana with honey and granola on top. 

Any fish in Italy is always beautifully done. Whenever we have time for an actual dinner during shows, my agency always haves a FEAST! Think tuna meatballs, grilled fish and meats, the freshest salads, risotto, pastas, octopus, and tiramisu. YUM

PR: Do you like discovering new restaurants?  
KATIE FOGARTY: To be honest, I very rarely eat out because I like to cook! I just discovered a place called Westville on Avenue A that's so cute.

It has a super long list of vegetable sides that you can choose from. I commend them for treating the veggies just as important as their meats and fishes. So many restaurants forget about the beauty of fresh, seasonal produce!
Fabio Chizzola for Vogue Spain

PR: We always say that trip to Veneto, Italy changed our life food wise. We tried some of the most amazing dishes there. Rustic but delicious. Do you like more new modern approach to food or classic-rustic one?
KATIE FOGARTY: I definitely have a rustic approach to food. I have enough stress in my life. Cooking is boundless!

PR: Katie, French or Italian cuisine?

KATIE FOGARTY: Most of the time I stick with rustic Italian cuisine because it is what I grew up with, is fast, fresh, and simple. However, I love to use classic French techniques when I have a little more time.
Ph. Kai Z Feng

Chloe F/W 2011 by

PR: Do you own lots of cookbooks? 
KATIE FOGARTY: I have probably 10 in my apartment. 

PR: Really? So which one is your favorite? 
KATIE FOGARTY: I think the most useful is Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. Now that I've finished school I'm pumped to immerse myself into those recipes more frequently.

PR: What is by far the hardest dish that you know how to make?

KATIE FOGARTY: Hmm... I find that most dishes are not difficult, but time consuming. 

A classic dish I make that takes a full day (partially because we make truck loads!) is my grandma's Christmas potato gnocchi with a meat sauce. I also am working on perfecting my French macaroon recipe, but the humidity in NYC is not helping matters!


PR: A runway model and a foodie. How do you stay in shape?!? Tell us your secrets.

KATIE FOGARTY: I think that being an epicurean actually helps me to be a healthy person. By cooking everything I eat, not only do I know exactly what is in the dish, but I learn to appreciate the value in a meal more. 
I never feel like I need fast food, because I know I can go home and make something healthy, inexpensive, and delicious myself! 
In terms of working out, I hate gyms. One of my favorite things of living in the city is the fact that I get to walk everywhere! Maybe that is why I never where heels :)

PR: Yes haha! But still how can you resist to all those delicious pastries in New York? ANd BTW which pastry place is your favorite? 

KATIE FOGARTY: I really prefer to bake from scratch most of the time because it's so fun! However, last year my agency got me the MOST DELICIOUS chocolate cake from a bakery called Ceci Cela. LINK: ( )

Tesh for Elle Russia   
PR: Looks delicious! Katie, do you stay away from sodas? What do you like to drink?
KATIE FOGARTY: As you can probably tell, I have a lot of energy as it is. I try to stick with either caffeine or sugar, not mixed. I really like kombucha and occasionally I'll have a Dr. Brown's cream soda.


Sebastian Kim for Numero Tokyo

PR: Obviously you have no weight issues, no skin issues, you are perfect! But you have to love some cosmetic products! How do you maintain your skin?

KATIE FOGARTY: I make sure to wash my face every morning and night with a foam cleanser. 

Right now I'm using Neutrogena wash, sunscreen, and concealer pen because NOBODY is really perfect! 

I just started moisturizing recently, but I only use it in the morning if my skin needs it. I think it's important not to make your skin dependent on any one product. Some days it just needs to breathe!

PR: Do you have any” insider" beauty tip?
KATIE FOGARTY: I always curl my lashes before applying mascara. It makes my straight-lashed eyes look wide awake!

PR: What do you have in your make up bag?
  • Burts Bees chapstick
  • Eyelash curler
  • Concealer pen
  • Nars mascara
  • and a bright red lipstick for special occasions. 

PR: What products do you use in the shower?
KATIE FOGARTY: I love Bumble and Bumble deep conditioners for my hair, Dove cream body wash, Neutrogena grapefruit facial scrub, and Venus razors.

PR: How are you planning to spend this summer?

Fabio Chizzola for Vogue Spain
KATIE FOGARTY: I'm looking forward to having a great time in the city enjoying my apartment, cooking, picnics in the park, and trips to the beach.

I'm going back to St. Louis for my graduation party at the end of July, and then my family and I are off to spend my birthday week in Hawaii!

I'm so excited for my first vacation in three years lying in the sun, snorkeling, and possibly learning to surf!

PR: Perfect summer dinner in St. Louis for you is…
KATIE FOGARTY: Grilled, marinated chicken with grilled zucchini, tomatoes, and herbs all from my mom's garden. Served with grilled, BBQ corn of course! (You can't have summer dinner in the Midwest without corn!)

My huge grill is one of the things I miss most about my house back home! 

For dessert, nothing says summer like watermelon, mint, and lime granita!

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