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DIANA TIMOFEEVA: model beauty talk

Posted on: 2012/01/17


PH. Bruno Barbazan

@ MAJOR Paris
@ NEXT Milano @ Modelwerk Germany

PR: I can tell you that you are almost unrecognizable from the beginning of your career to now! How is that even possible? 
DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I think everything changes over time, it is natural. If you work hard you will change if a good way...

PR: Introduce us a bit with your model development.

DIANA TIMOFEEVA:  I was born in a small town in the South of Ukraine. There wasn't much fashion around. But my parents always taught me that anything is possible, as long as you are willing to work hard.

I was born in a small town, and I found it a bit boring growing up. I like places where people and things move quickly.

The industry welcomed me at quite a young age. In the beginning I was working in Tokyo, which gave me a huge advantage.  It taught me how to "get the job done" correctly. Japanese people are so precise, and emphasize detail. It made me a bit of a perfectionist when it came to my own work.

In Paris I was introduced to the creative aspect of the business. I think some of the very best artists live and work here. Major Paris has always been very supportive network, and helped me make the right career decisions.

PH. Bruno Barbazan

PR: What makes you feel better in the morning when you just feel down?
Fresh orange juice and 10-15 minutes on the sun always make me feel better.  Also exercise. It is important to keep your mind and body in shape.

PR: Breakfast.
I like eggs and bacon for breakfast; I always have a cup of coffee with milk, too.

I try to exercise as often as possible; I like to run on the treadmill.  I also take a few minutes every day to stretch my body, even if I don't get a chance to go to the gym.

PR: Do you drink proteins?
: I do drink protein cocktail every time before my work out.

PR: Well…do you have a favorite flavor?
Yes, I really like Cappuccino Flavor made by Herbalife!

PR: Do you avoid carbs?DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I don't avoid them, because I simply can't!!  I love pretty much anything that is sweet! I eat it all, and then I feel guilty… :)

PR: Do you go for fruit desserts or chocolate ones? DIANA TIMOFEEVA:  To be completely honest with you I go for anything, if its good. Paris is the best place to have pastries. I love Mille-Feuille, apple tart, eclair, banquettes de fraises des bois, rum-baba, macaroons…. I can eat them anytime!

PR: What is more important to you: to have a skinny body or a well, bombshell like, fit body? DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I don't think that body type is important at all, it is just a matter of taste, but what important is to have a fit, healthy body, which can be a struggle if you live in a big city.

Body wash & body lotion.

Twist magazine

PR:  Who is by far your favorite hairdresser? DIANA TIMOFEEVA: Jean-Luc Fouillade, he is an amazing colorist!  I love what he does to my hair and there is always great atmosphere at Delphine's Courteille Studio 34 in Paris.

PR: Is he responsible for your new look?
DIANA TIMOFEEVA: Yes, I usually tell him in which direction I want to go, and the rest I leave up to him, he knows what I like, and what looks good!

Hair care product. 
  DIANA TIMOFEEVA: Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care in Baby Blond, I can't live without it.

DIANA TIMOFEEVA: Avene Cream for a sensitive skin

Face wash.
DIANA TIMOFEEVA: Once in a while, i wash my face with Avene Clearance Face Wash that contains no soap, and I use  a scrub once a week, but most of the time, I just rinse it with warm water only.

Favorite skincare products?
DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I know you probably have heard about this product a million times, but it is Crealine from Bioderma

DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I like Thai massage!

Favorite beauty product.
DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I always carry Thermal water with me. My dermatologist recommends to use it throughout the day, to keep your skin hydrated. I usually buy Avene one.

Diana's Make Up Kit

PR: When did you start using make up? 
  DIANA TIMOFEEVA: When I was a child, I used to play with my mother's make up all the time. I don't wear heavy make-up in my daily life,  I put black eye liner during the day, and if I want to go out at night, I usually just add a bit of mascara and a lip gloss.

Makeup bag.
Other than the mascara ( Lancome Hypnose Drama ) and an eye liner ( Lancome Le Crayon Khol ), you can find a  Shu Uemura Face Architect Foundation.

PR: Every model likes Shu Uemura! Is it that good?
Yes. I was introduced to this brand on my first trip to Japan, and I have been a fan ever since. 

I especially like their lipsticks and eyelashes, and of course their cleansing oil is the best way to remove heavy make-up.

PR:  Do you ever find a product on the set that you just must have for personal use? 
Revlon Equave 2 Phase Hydro Nutritive Conditioner, it is the best product if you need to remove hair extensions.

PR: What did you notice from the make up artist at the shows, what do they usually use… How do they manage to make skin looking so fresh? 

It seems like a lot of them have an Embryolisse lait-crème concentré at their station…

Fragrance. DIANA TIMOFEEVA: I am using Chanel The Vert

Beauty advice.
DIANA TIMOFEEVA:I think it is important to work on your personality just as much as your physics, beauty is first of all - an essence….

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