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SHANINA SHAIK: body regime

Posted on: 2012/01/05

Shanina Shaik @ NEXT NY

What’s your diet and fitness regime like?

SHANINA SHAIK: "I do … Zumba. I like doing Zumba. I only do it like, once a week. If I did it more often, I would be very skinny. It’s like intense cardio with the dancing. I actually prefer to do stuff outside the gym, like running on the West Side Highway, and jump rope. I do love my food; don’t get me wrong. I’m a big dessert fan. I love chocolate and chocolate cake. But my diet regime is a lot of chicken and fish. I mix it with vegetables. And then, I love pasta, but only every now and then. I stopped drinking soda three years ago and I never drink coffee." (The Cut Interview: Link)

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