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ALI MICHAEL: the comeback

Posted on: 2012/02/04

Ali Michael

@ KIM DAWSON Texas m/a

"I’m excited to get back into it with a really supportive team, a couple more years of experience under my belt, and an ambition to make the best of all of it."

Chadwick Tyler

ALI MICHAEL: When I started preparing to get back to work, I started working out with the beautiful (and ripped) Vanessa Giorgio, owner of Lotus Kitty Yoga and Power Cycling in Los Angeles. I found the results of cycling to be great – not only physically, but also mentally. When you’re really present on the bike and in sync with the music and feeling your body, it becomes almost like a meditation.

I came to New York and was introduced to Soul-Cycle, which I am now absolutely obsessed with. Danny Kopel is my favorite instructor. I typically go six days a week and I miss it on my day off. The staff is incredibly warm and helpful, the music is amazing and the energy in there is so powerful. Going to each class is like therapy for me. They’re also opening up a location in West Hollywood in February, which I’ll be going to when I’m on the West Coast.”

Chadwick Tyler

ALI MICHAEL:“My favorite places in Los Angeles are Cafe Gratitude, Inaka and Erewhon. I also like going to the Chateau Marmont and ordering the beet salad with goat cheese or the salmon. My favorite places in New York are Souen and One Lucky Duck.”

ALI MICHAEL:“My favorite comfort food is definitely the Yosenabe from Inaka. It’s this amazing stew filled with a bunch of different Japanese vegetables like lotus root and daikon radish. I get it with the kabocha pumpkin broth. It feels very grounding. I love it.”

Chadwick Tyler
ALI MICHAEL:“I take B-12 lozenges from Erewhon that have made a huge difference in my energy level. I also order supplements from WeCare, which is a retreat center in Palm Springs, California. I’ve never been, but some of their supplements are great.”

ALI MICHAEL:“My skin changed a lot when I moved to Los Angeles for a year. After trying a ton of different products, facialists and treatments, I’ve finally found a regimen that seems to work, regardless of where I am living. I use La Roche Posay cleansers and moisturizers. 
It’s a brand that used to only be carried in French pharmacies but is now being sold in American ones like Duane Reade and CVS. 
It’s great for my sensitive skin. I also love Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera. It’s completely natural and comes in a bunch of different scents. I like lavender. 
Thayer’s also makes some astringent pads that are great for on the go. I take them to the gym and in my carry-on bag when I travel. 
My favorite spot treatment is the one by Mario Badescu.”


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