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Posted on: 2012/02/18



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PR: What is your favorite club in London?

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  The Parisian club LeBaron is about to open in London, which I'm excited about. Otherwise, Sketch on a saturday night!

PR: How about music festivals?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Definitely Sonisphere! It's at my family home, Knebworth House, where my grandparents started putting on festivals in the 60s. 
They had Iggy Pop last year, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Rammstien... This year was the Big 4 (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax) - and Bill Bailey. Epic.

Burberry by Testino

PR: What is „The Model Sanctuary“?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  It's a space that Erin O'Connor set up that's open during fashion week for models, and has free food, massages, nutritional advice, life coaches, yoga... everything! 
I only wish it was there when it wasn't fashion week so I'd have time to actually use it.

PR: What are your favorite restaurants? 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  I love Patara on Maddox St. And Rasa in Stoke Newington.

PR: How about pubs? 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: London Fields has good DJs. In central, you can't go wrong with a goth bar crawl – intrepid fox, the crobar, garlic & shots.

PR: Do you shop at Harrods?  
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  The food hall for Krispy Kreme donuts if I'm in that part of town. I'm in their new jewellery magazine.

PR: Top shop or Miss Selfridge? 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Topshop as I've worked for them.

PR: Your favorite British  brand of shoes and your favorite shoe store in London? 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  Charlotte Olympia – they named a shoe after me! The Morwenna shoe. It's multicoloured.

PR: Jamie oliver or nigela lawson?  

PR: As a Londoner – what are your favorite places that are not so touristy?

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  For curry, avoid brick lane and go to Tayyabs, Whitechapel - The best curry I've ever eaten. Get there early (as in 5pm) or you'll find a queue all the way down the street. If you live near by, get take-away as you can go right to the front of the queue.


PR: Which place outside of London would you recommend to visit? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Knebworth House! My family home. And we have 72 lifesize fiberglass dinosaurs. Fun for all the family

PR: Where do you go when you wanna hear great music?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  I go to see my brother's band, Glass City Vice.

PR: Good CD shop?

PR: The most romantic place in London for you is…
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: the Science Museum IMAX. Me and my boyfriend go on dates there. It’s fantastic for a rainy afternoon - sneak in a bag of toffee popcorn and listen to Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet narrate Deep Sea 3D. Amazing.

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