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HERIETH PAUL: model interview

Posted on: 2012/03/30


Herieth Paul: "An unforgettable day but the start of my career!"

Max Abadian for Dress to Kill Winter 2011


Tanzanian/Canadian, 5’11”.

PR: You opened Burberry FW this season!

HERIETH PAUL: Yes I did . 

PR: When did you find out that you are the opener?


HERIETH PAUL:  It was a really great show and I found out about me opening like an hour before the show.

PR: How many rehearsal did you do before the show?

HERIETH PAUL:... Just one

Burberry Prorsum F/W 12.13 London
PR: We loved the shoes at Burberry! Where they easy to walk in?
HERIETH PAUL: The shoes were actually really easy to walk in :) and super comfortable!

PR: Model goodie bags! Love or adore?
HERIETH PAUL: I love the BCBG model bags we get at the BCBG casting, I love the Maybeline baby lips

Max Abadian for Dress to Kill Winter 2011
PR: When did you start practicing your walk in high heels?
HERIETH PAUL: I started when I was 13 at Angie's Agency in Ottawa.

PR: You signed up with your mother agency at 13. How long did it take for you to book a first job?
HERIETH PAUL: Umm I don't remember how long it took but my first big job was for Montreal fashion week And me and my sister took the train to Montreal to do the fitting :)

PR: Did you immediately start getting positive responses from the industry insiders?

HERIETH PAUL: I got a lot of positive feed back but everyone had a different opinion about my hair and my age.

PR: Who was the most influential person in your fashion career so far? 

HERIETH PAUL: Angie Seymour has been the most influential person in my career!  
She used to model herself when she was younger and she taught me everything I know about modeling and told me to work hard and I will get what I deserve in time. I had to be patient because I started so young.

PR: So no acting or you are taking classes this time?
HERIETH PAUL: No acting or acting classes for me at the moment, I'm soo focused on finishing high school at the moment and traveling on direct bookings.

PR: You are actually Tanzanian. What is the  difference of growing up in Tanzania and growing up in Canada?
HERIETH PAUL: The biggest difference is the weather , the weather in Tanzania is super warm and in Canada it is very cold!  Everything else is pretty much the same.

PR: What is number 1 traditional Tanzanian meal that you just love?
HERIETH PAUL: I love ugali :) its super healthy and made from natural ingredients

PR: Do you still do hot yoga?  

HERIETH PAUL: Yes I still do hot yoga, but i haven't done it in a few months because of all the traveling. 
I am thin to begin with but I just do hot yoga to stay healthy and in shape.

PR:  What do you usually have for breakfast?

HERIETH PAUL: I need my coffee in the morning.  

PR: Do you avoid certain food like sugar/bread etc?
HERIETH PAUL: I don't avoid any foods but I do watch what I eat.  I eat healthy and always ate healthy even before I was modelling.

PR: Which body lotion do you use?
HERIETH PAUL:  I use Aveeno for my body , that stuff actually works for me.

PR: Herieth, do you miss your long hair?

HERIETH PAUL: Well I am a girl and yes of course I miss my long hair but the short hair works for me and everyone seems to love it too.

PR:  What hairstylist did it (if you remember...)?
HERIETH PAUL: It was a hairstylist in NYC that did the shaving! An unforgettable day but the start of my career!

Max Abadian for Flaire

PR: When you had your long hair… did you struggle with it, how many times per month where you at the hair saloon... which products do you remember you loved...
HERIETH PAUL:  It wasn't a struggle at all.  I went to the salon every 2 months and it's been so long that I don't remember what products I used.

PR: What are the products that you use for your hair at the moment?
HERIETH PAUL: Mane and Tail shampoo and their conditioner seem to work best for me!

PR: You are the face of CK One Shock fragrance. Do you use it yourself?
HERIETH PAUL: I absolutely do!  I received like 5 of them a few months ago and I'm still on my 1st bottle

PR: Which products do you use for your skin?
HERIETH PAUL:  I  use the

PR: Do you change your moisturizer during winter and summer, or you always use the same one?
HERIETH PAUL:  My skin is really sensitive! So I have to stick to the same one.

PR: What cream do you use for your hands.... we mean, winters in Canada… it's chilly!
HERIETH PAUL: I use Aveeno.

PR: Which products do you have in your make up bag? (from foundation, lipstick, mascara, etc, + brands)
HERIETH PAUL:  My makeup bag is full of CK One!  Since they sent me the gifts I haven't touched anything else I'm in love with the CK One products they are amazing!

PR: Less is more for sure, but apart from that, did you learn any other trick backstage?
HERIETH PAUL:  I learned how to do my eye liner.  It use to take me about 20 minutes to get it perfect.

Max Abadian for Flaire
PR: Let's  talk about your style a bit.  Which brand of jeans is your favorite?
HERIETH PAUL:  Calvin Klein

PR: How about shoes, can you name your top 3 pairs!
HERIETH PAUL: My Jeffrey Campbell's heels, my flats from Jimmy Choo and my Calvin Klein boots.
Max Abadian for Dress to Kill Winter 2011

PR: Everybody compares your look to Naomi's… are you similar to her worldly famous character as well?

HERIETH PAUL:  Naomi is an amazing model.  But the media has made her out to be something very different nobody knows if it's true or not.  As for myself I am might share some of her looks but I  would have to say we are not similar in personality or temper,  we are two different characters. 
I am more of a go with the flow kinda person :) I don't have a bad temper. I like to laugh a lot and chill.

PR: For the end can you share some of your favorite locations in SOHO, NY?
HERIETH PAUL:  I love the boutiques in Soho and the restaurants. I don't have a favorite YET! The jury is still out on that one!


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