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LENA HARDT: model interview

Posted on: 2012/04/06


Lena Hardt: " You make so many new experiences with each day..."
PH Stefano Moro for AMICA IT / stylist: Paolo Turina

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Versace F/W 12.13 Milan

PR: Lena hi! Wie gehts?
LENA HARDT: Hey, mir gehts super!!

PR: Gut! Now, how did you get discovered? Who approached you? 
LENA HARDT: My mother agent Ann Kathrin discovered me at the main station in Cologne. I was so surprised. I never thought about modeling.

PR: Really, so she played a key role in your fashion life so far.
LENA HARDT: Of course my agencies and especially my mother agent !! I'm so grateful how they support me.
Also Kati Nescher. She has such a positive energy and I am learning a lot from her. 

PR: So we don't even need to ask who is your model  hero?
LENA HARDT: Kati Nescher!

PR: Of course. Lena, you booked major shows this season. Did you have like 1 000  castings?
LENA HARDT:  No I didn't!

PR: What do you mean and what do you like more castings or fittings ?
LENA HARDT:  I have to say I like both because you meet other models, the team and I like the energy.

PR: What do you love about this job?
LENA HARDT: You meet so many amazing people at the shootings, the shows, the fittings or the castings…..That's the great thing in this job – you make so many new experiences with every day..

PH Stefano Moro for AMICA IT / stylist: Paolo Turina
PR: After they prep you backstage for the show… do you always recognize yourself? It's a total transformation in general. And You yourself are quite versatile!
LENA HARDT: I love that change! It's so exciting to see yourself in so many different looks.

PR: Are you a typical Aquarius – free spirit and all? 
LENA HARDT:   Yes I am a typical Aquarius. 
PR: Oh yeah, what proves that?
LENA HARDT: I have so many plans for the future. Skydiving is something I definitely want to do!
Christopher Kane F/W 12.13 London


PR: Go-to weekend wardrobe.
LENA HARDT: Sneakers, a tight jeans and shirt.

PR: Favorite pair of jeans.
LENA HARDT: I love Cheap Monday!


PR: You are still a teen. Do you sometimes have that normal teenage „bad skin“ day? 
LENA HARDT: I’m very lucky with my skin. I don't have to fight with that bad skin days!

PR: Could you tell us what do you have in your make up bag? 
LENA HARDT: Some gloss and eye shadow from Nars.


PR: How do you stay in shape? 
LENA HARDT: I have a personal trainer in my hometown.

PR: How do you start your day?
LENA HARDT:  With a hot coffee or tea and yoghurt with fruits and cereals. It's very important for me to take some time for that – a healthy and relaxed breakfast is the best start in a day!
PR: Your favorite German dish?
LENA HARDT:  I like mashed potatoes and smoked pork chop with sauerkraut, which is pretty typical German.


PR: Did you read any books lately?
LENA HARDT:  I'm reading “Iluminati”. I love that kind of books!

PH Stefano Moro for AMICA IT / stylist: Paolo Turina

PR: How about film? Are you more interested in Hollywood or the European movie scene?
LENA HARDT:  I love the classic films. For example “ the godfather” is one of my favorite films.

PR: If everyone was touring this summer, which concert would you go to?
LENA HARDT:  I will go to the Summer Jam. It’s a reggae festival in Cologne. It’s a very relaxed and cool atmosphere and of course very good music!

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