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KAT CORDTS: model interview

Posted on: 2012/05/28


Kat Cordts: On her way to the Top

Ph. Lina Tesch
@ MD Hamburg m/a
@ MONSTER Milano

Ph. Lado Alexi
PR: You know Kat, we are pretty sure that we saw you in Hamburg in Kaiserwetter. Was that you?!
KAT CORDTS: I really don´t know dear. I was only for a week in Hamburg ...

PR: But you do have your favorite locations (in Hamburg)? 
KAT CORDTS: The Binnenalster (Inner Alster). There are so many nice places to sit and it is beautiful to walk around it. 

PR: Sure. And hottest hang-outs (there)?

KAT CORDTS: In the summertime the Beach clubs. I can spend the whole day there, laying lazy around, watching the ships passing by and simply doing nothing 

PR: Balzac or Starbucks?
KAT CORDTS: Starbucks

PR: Your favorite place to eat (in Hamburg) is…
KAT CORDTS: Maral in Eppendorf or Indochine. Can´t decide.

Ph: Thomas Knieps Styling: Marcel Graul

PR: And how did you like Milano? …

KAT CORDTS: I really enjoyed staying in Milano. This time much better than the first time because the weather was so lovely and everybody from MONSTER are so nice.

PR: Did you experience just a bit Italian Style of living?
KAT CORDTS: I enjoyed in a lunch break which the Italians celebrate. Time to calm down between the castings because even the clients are out of office. 

Ph: Thomas Knieps Styling: Marcel Graul

PR: Where were you scouted exactly?

KAT CORDTS: I was scouted when I was working at Mc Donalds to earn some money. I was really happy because i thought this is maybe a good chance to get into this business.

PR:  What did you do before modeling?
KAT CORDTS: I studied Business Psychology before I came to my motheragency MD Management.
I had some testshoots with other agencies in Hamburg a few years ago but never really thought about joining them.  Then I went to MD.
PR: Did you had to learn how to be a model.. you know, from skin regime to body workout, to healthy diet…
KAT CORDTS: I was really lucky that my mum learned me about healthy food. She cooked everything on her own without any instant stuff etc. So there was no big change in my eating behaviour when I started modelling.

PR: Speaking about model diet… tell us how do you start your day.

KAT CORDTS: I can´t start my day without breakfast. Doesn´t matter if its 4 am or 10 am, as soon as I wake up Im hungry for breakfast.
For breakfast Im eating self mixed Muesli, contains raisins, sunflower seeds and oats. Mixed up with honey and natural yoghurt and fresh fruits (strawberrys or pomegrenade) its my perfect start in the day.

PR: Do you like Alnatura products? Do you pay attention that you eat organic food or it's not an issue for you?
KAT CORDTS: I like the Alnatura products because they are different than the things you get in a normal supermarket but not because they are organic. 

Marie Claire Turkey

PR: How often per week do you go to the gym? 
KAT CORDTS: 2-3 times a week. I´m always training on the crosstrainer and if there are courses in Yoga or Pilates I join them as well.

PR: What moisturizer do you use for your body? 

KAT CORDTS: We don´t have Sephora in Germany so I brought 4 bodylotions from the homebrand of Sephora with different flavours from Milan. Right now I´m using the Green Tea Bodylotion.

md mgmt

PR: What is your basic skincare routine? 

KAT CORDTS: For cleaning Im using simply soap from the pharmacy called `Dermowas`. And I really love Embryolisse moisturizing cream.

Additionally I´m using YvesSaint Laurent Eye Cream in the morining and the evening. 

PR: Do you think there is a difference between really expensive skincare and the products you can get at a more affordable price?
KAT CORDTS: When I was younger I thought that the more expensive products were better for my skin. But thats not true. The most important thing is that your cleaning your skin regularly.

md mgmt

PR: What do you use for your hair at the moment?
KAT CORDTS: The whole Kerastase - program (the green one)

PR: What about make up… what did you learn from make up artists?

KAT CORDTS: I learned how to point out my eyes a little bit more.

PR: What do you have in your make up bag?

Dimitris Skoulos for FGR, St: Dimitra Spyropoulou, MU & H: Dimitris Giannetos

PR: How would you describe your style? 

KAT CORDTS:I would describe my style as relaxed and comfortable, a bit easy but still chic.

PR: What are your wardrobe essentials?

KAT CORDTS: I love wearing leggins with oversized tops, pullovers or Shirts. And my everyday wardrobe essential is a scarf. I have plenty of them in nearly all kind of colours.  

PR: Which brand is your everyday bag?

PR: The best places to go shopping in Hamburg are…
KAT CORDTS: The shops in the area aroundSchanzenviertel are really great. Away from all the mainstream stuff in the center you can find some nice and special things there.

PR: Do you ever shop at Mango
KAT CORDTS: I really liked the collection of Mango on the posters. Relaxed, a bit colourful a little bit of a chillerlook. Kind of style i really like. 

Ph. Lina Tesch

PR:   Is there a country in Europe that you would like to visit for the summer?
KAT CORDTS: Hm, I went to Australia, Greece, Italy and England this year. These were all countries I have never been before and I really wanted to see.
I am looking foward to fly to New York and Paris this summer, so we will see 

Vogue it

PR: Power music.

md mgmt

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