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LOULOU ROBERT: Exclusive for Inez and Vinoodh

Posted on: 2012/07/18

Loulou Robert 
@ WM Paris
@ MC2 @ Boom Italy

French, Height: 172cm, Exclusive model for Inez and Vinoodh 

LOULOU ROBERT: "Yeah, I'm short. It's okay, you can say that. I'm very lucky to have met Inez and Vinoodh because I think my career would be very different today. I can't really do shows, but for photo shoots, it's okay. People always say, "You're too small," and on and on.

[I eat] everything. I'm not very picky with food. I'm lucky because I'm very petite. I love Thai and Korean food — spicy foods. I'm not an amazing cook, but I love to cook. I usually make pastas with herbs and vegetables. But not a lot of fish and meat [because] in France, it's very expensive to buy.

I run sometimes, but not a lot. That's about it, I’m not a sporty woman. Not at all.

If I am beautiful? Not really. I know that people think I am beautiful, but for me, they're wrong. No, actually, I know I'm beautiful, but I don't think I'm beautiful."

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