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REKA NAGY: model interview

Posted on: 2012/08/29


Reka Nagy: "A steady rise"

@ FORD Europe @ DNA NY @ WHY NOT Milano @ Models 1 London @ VIEW Spain

PR: Reka, what place was your recent discovery in New York?

REKA NAGY: What I discovered when I first landed in NYC was Times Square and Central Park.  

Those two places are completely different but each one has a special pulse and rhythm. Plus they were really close from my apartment ! :)

PR: How do you like NY?

REKA NAGY: It has always been a big dream for me, going to New York. Everything is like in a film ! It's by far my favorite place, I can really imagine living there full time.

PR: Did you go shopping there?
REKA NAGY: Well... I should mention I am crazy about shopping, I'm always on the run for my next find so NYC is like the perfect place for me. 

Once you are in SOHO, you get addicted to the area. There is every kind of brand and only your wallet can stop you ! :) I bought so many shoes that I love, as well as skirts, dresses, sweater, pants... HA HA,  a lot of things when I think about it!

PR: How did you get into modeling anyway?

REKA NAGY: It was actually my best friend who suggested I should try out to be a model, but I was just laughing when I heard it

I used to be really focused on my studies and didn't really think I had the potential being good at modeling. After my friends were going on and on about it I finally went to an agency to present myself. They liked me - but I didn't take it seriously, so I continued studying...  

After about 2 months the agent found me again, but on the Internet and asked to meet with me. They proposed me something great and from there things went quickly, with test shoots and then arriving to Paris.

Givenchy SS12/13

PR: This season you hit it big with the Givenchy show.

REKA NAGY: I was terrified for my first fashion week, but my agency helped me a lot and calmed me down with great advices like just have fun!”. They sent me to Patrizia's (Pilottis) office straight away when I arrived, just a couple of days before the actual show. 

After wards I got requested to meet with Ricardo in his office. I was so excited I couldn't sleep during the entire night. But Ricardo was so nice. We were just talking, he was curious about me and my persona. The next day he saw me again.

PR: That was your first major show. What is your impression of the backstage before the show?

REKA NAGY: It was incredible – even though I was so nervous ! To tell the truth I don't want to know about the other girls, like I don't have favorite girl and so on. Backstage I didn't knew the girls names, I just recognized their faces. It was cool but strange!

PR: Do you own something by Givenchy?

REKA NAGY: Actually I don't have a Givenchy outfit YET, but will have it soon, because I love the brand! For now it's only perfume that I have :-))

PR: You have a great name! It means „River“ in Slavic.

REKA NAGY: Thank you ! Yes, some of my model friends told me about the translation. I really like my name, it's so special.

PR: Let's talk about your recent makeover! How do you like it?

REKA NAGY: I love my new image. I think the hairstyle fits me well, it's very characteristic. And of course it is very well suited for hot summers !

PR: Who decided on the makeover?

REKA NAGY: My agency in NYC decided to change my hair and style – it was a great gift ! The agents were looking for the best one for the job and after a time of research they finally found him: Dennis Devoy. And he did an amazing job :-))

PH Matthew Priestley
PR: Did you recognize yourself after? It's a big change.

REKA NAGY: I did, but for sure it's a big change !

PR: Is your hair maintenance different now when your hair is short? 

REKA NAGY: Of course ! I had to change all of my hair products... but I got some great advice what to get.

Right now I'm using some products from Paul Mitchell, like The AwapuhiWild Ginger Collection. They have some great shampoos, and two different conditioners which are great. 

To make my hair more shiny I have got some Shwarzkopf products too, and finally an oil from Paul Mitchell.

PR: It's definitely easier with short hair during the summer period. Speaking of it, where do you usually spend your summer holidays?

REKA NAGY: I agree, particularly in Hungary the summer is incredibly hot. Well, as for now, having been in 3 countries or more the past months I just want to stay in Hungary at home with friends and family.

PR: Are you a good swimmer?

REKA NAGY: I learned to swim when I was 6 years old and it is acutally the only sport that I enjoy doing! I'm not a laying on the beach type. I often hang out by the swimming pool when I'm at home.

PR: Best beach?

PH Michael Schwartz
REKA NAGY: When I was in NYC I went to the Hamptons. There the beacheare amazing. 

PR: Is there some particular clothing or style item you want for this summer?
REKA NAGY:  In summer I usually wear loose tops with a long but easy skirt. .

PR: What brand are your sunglasses?

REKA NAGY: I have some funny glasses from different shops like Topshop, Zara, H&M. I like to wear different, cool things, a lot of vintage as well. 

My favorite pair is from a small vintage shop in Hungary, but I also ordered a new pair from Ray Ban as well.
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PR: Swimsuit?
REKA NAGY: I usually wear Adidas by Stella McCartney, but If I'm going to the beach (which is not common! :) I wear different bikinis from H&M. I love the new colors for this summer!

PR: We wanna know were did you buy those necklaces you are wearing?

REKA NAGY: I bought them in NYC from Topshop. They have some great accessories.


PR: How do you maintain your model figure?

REKA NAGY: Earlier I was running every day, but I'm really not the running type. I know I should be though. 

During the season going to the castings I have to walk a lot, especially in Paris with all those stairs and no elevators !!! 

I don't have time for gym all the time, so to be honest I'm really bad about keeping it up...  

Now I'm starting to figure out that what I like is more swimming and biking.

PR: Breakfast is the most important meal in the day, so what do you eat for breakfast?

REKA NAGY: Porridge is my favorite breakfast, with raisins in it. 

PR: What is the cake/sweet you would forget your diet for?
REKA NAGY: My mum's cakes are the best  ones in the world, you can't have a diet if you taste them ! Besides that, my older sister makes a great tiramisu :)

PR: Do you prefer classic italian gelato or frozen yogurt?

REKA NAGY: Actually it does not matter what kind of food we are talking about, as Italian is always the best
I prefer a milky taste rather than something with fruit in it.

PR: Bottled water?

REKA NAGY: I like Evian, but sometimes I change for sparkling water too.

PR: Favorite juice flavor?

REKA NAGY: Apple, Tomato and Orange.

PR: Favorite lunch during summer?

REKA NAGY: Cold fruit soup with vanilla ice cream. My mum was waiting for me with this soup when I got home from Paris : )

PR: How do you maintain your complexion?

REKA NAGY: My skin is really sensitive, so I can't use everything. 

Earlier one dermatologist recommended some La Roche-Posay's products, and it worked very well

I use the moisturizer, spring termal water, and a cleanser. 

My make up remover is from Bioderma .

PR: What is your summer must have make up? 

REKA NAGY: When it's hot during the day the best way is to let my skin nude. 

For lashes I always use mascara from Maybelline which enlarges my lashes. 

For going out I 'm using colorful eye shadows and some blush.

I t's a lot of products from Dior and the Chanel. The Chanel powder works miracles!

PR: Which foundation is your favorite?

REKA NAGY: I usually don't use foundation, but if I do the best one is from Avon as my skin is highly sensitive.

PH William Lords
PR: Beauty tip.
REKA NAGY: The most important thing is being yourself !

PR: Are you a Justin Biber fan? :)

REKA NAGY: Are u kidding? No, I'm not ! :) 

PR: So who was your celebrity teenage crush? lol
REKA NAGY: When I was younger I didn't understand so much English, so many of my favorite band was from Hungary.

PR: We need a honest answer! Your favorite boy band of all times is…?

REKA NAGY: Well...ok, the guys from Backstreet Boys were handsome ! Lol

PH William Lords

PR: Will you attend some music festival this year?

REKA NAGY: In Hungary we have a really famous music festival called SZIGET, I'm thinking about it. Next to this around my town we will have a lot of things happening during August, I can't wait !!!

PR: What is your music choice for this summer?

REKA NAGY: Basically it depends on my mood. Like, during a day I could listen to everything from alternative bands from my country like Quimby, or Kiscsillag to artists like Lana del Ray. She's got a cool sound. 
Right now my favorite is Video Games !


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