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A MODEL ANONYMOUS: the interview

Posted on: 2012/10/15


A MODEL ANONYMOUS : "Generally i'm not here to gossip, my blog is more about commentary and thought than bitching."

PR: What is your cup of tea in modeling?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Travelling, experiences, freedom.
PR: Great stuff.  
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : I've seen (worked with) some of the top tier people in the industry and it has impressed me how hard they work and what genuine talent they have.
PR: Who do you think is tougher:  designers, casting directors or agents?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Casting Directors, if there was a specific qualification required in order to become a casting director –I would be somewhat more understanding of why they have been given the authority they have. 

But heres the thing, anyone can be a casting director. Designers who have no budget cast their own shows or ask their assistants/friends to do it. The only difference between those cast at  a smaller show and  say girls at Chanel is that the ones at Chanel are obviously top girls  – because Chanel has a bigger budget. Not because of the casting director. So in that sense, casting directors.
Anja Rubik at Elie Saab
PR: What do you think some, let's say average looking + average personalities models, succeed and others don't?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Its about whether or not you catch a casting director on a good day.

I have a million examples but none that I can use, friends who have seen X casting director on one day and been turned away. A season later they are sent on a gosee for the same casting director and the casting director is amazed by their beauty and unique face – yet they have not changed at all in the last few months.

Da Man's June/July
PR: Do you have close friends within the modeling industry?  And we’re talking about real friends!
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Definitely, I have made the greatest friends in this industry and its so nice to be able to meet up if we're in the same country or doing the same job.

PR: Sean Opray, ha?

PR: Do you remember stories about Gérald Marie and Xavier Moreau... Would you say there are still some situations like that today – or maybe not to that extent?

PR: Club promoters... speak women.
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : I've written about this in my blog. I think that in small quantities its fine, personally I'd rather go out without a promoter but occasionally is fine.

PR: Do you like your agent?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : My agent is great, but hearing from other peoples experiences I'd say the problem with some agents is that they can focus on their top girls and their new faces – if your in the middle, your screwed. 
Also some models only work if their agents 'like' them which is awful but true. 
Saskia 31yol for Vogue Italia
PR: Now days, we have new faces at age of 22 or even older... is the old "old" the new young?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : There is definitely a bigger market for more mature girls simply because as you grow older, you grown in your own skin. You become confident, you know how your body works, what looks good, how to present yourself at your best and though you might still be insecure your more skilled at hiding it! 
Being younger will also be an advantage and that will never change however the chances of a older girl being signed are higher than ever. Its a quiet revolution.

PR: Did you notice how majority models scream, “NO to commercial modeling”!? What is wrong with that? That is money!

Well when you start modelling your sold the dream of being in Vogue Magazine not Walmart catalogues. 
Your told that working for free (test shoots,editorials), getting paid little, keeping in shape and all of that will pay off for the ultimate dream. 
Most girls don't want to let go of that dream so quickly, and anyway, you can be a commercial girl when your 25+  but not everyone can be a editorial girl at 25 + unless your very lucky so I can see why most girls say no.
Money isn't the driving force behind why most girls model, its the dream that is. Money comes second.

PR: Insecurities increase when you are being criticized 24/7. How do you forget what you have been told about your looks?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : I think it depends on the individual. Some people are stronger than others...
PR: Is depression something that is not rare in modeling world? 
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Depression is very very common.
PR: Did you see Sara Ziff's documentary?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : It was really interesting but at the same time it was almost an entire decade ago, the money, the model apartments and the work is COMPLETELY different now.
PR: Juicing Trend.
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Its another way to not eat and pretend your being 'healthy'. I tried it to actually be 'healthy' but I made the drinks myself instead of spending $300 + on what is basically vegatables and water.
It didn't change my life, I didn't feel any better...

PR: How often do you work out?
Whenever I feel crap from partying too much? I'm a skinny girl naturally so don't need to do too much... thankfully!

PR: Are you obsessed with ageing?

No! Bring on the wrinkles. Life is for living not worrying about looks!

PR: Your NY beauty places…?

: I'm really really laid back compared to all the other models. I do all of the above myself but I recommend getting your nails done at one of those illegal dodgy looking places downtown, its cheap and good.
PR: I always wonder, people who wear SPF on daily basis, don't they get oily?
: Yeah but its a small price to pay instead of skin cancer, no?

PR: How would you describe your skin?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Combination. If I'm feeling stupid with my $$$ I buy Boscia, REN and Origins. But usually I use Aveeno which is super cheap from Duane Reade and it works exactly the same as the above, the only thing I'd still buy is REN serums as they do keep your skin hydrated when your travelling so much.

PR: On shooting... what do you see make-up artist using. 
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : It depends on the make up artist. Some do not consider that a model might already have clear skin and still put on a lot of make up. Some put on very little.
Usually they use the products which they are endorsing or that have been sent to them for free, so the more famous the make up artists – the better the brands.

PR:  Is Embrolysse that good?
A MODEL ANONYMOUS : No its not. Embrolysse is overrated because its seen as a 'industry' product and as of now – its also very overpriced. Buy a $2 Cold cream and put that on your face – same result.
Maje Ad Campaign
PR: Whose aesthetics do you admire from designers... and whose fame don't you understand?

A MODEL ANONYMOUS : Its cool to say someone like 'Alexander Wang' of which I am a fan but do I understand his fame? Not sure. His first couple of collections were very incoherent for me and then he had a few good seasons and then a few confusing seasons.

I also don't appreciate designers who jump from one asthetic to another, for example I like that Chanel changes every season yet there is the consistency of the brands image. You can always identify a Chanel piece be it the cut or the fabrics but some fashion brands change so drastically from one season to the next that the woman they are targetting changes too suddenly to maintain a steady clientele. Thats bad management.

Tisci for Givenchy is wonderful, I could wear Givenchy all day if I was a superhero, but in the mean time I like Maje ( 
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