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LUKA SEIFERT: the interview

Posted on: 2012/10/31


Luka Seifert: Sharing the stage with such a great artists as James Blake or Purity Ring was awesome

PR: We are Alaska - the band:

LUKA SEIFERT: Dominik (Vocals), Bassi (Piano) Henning (Drums) And I ;)

PR: Name We are Alaska:

LUKA SEIFERT:  Alaska is supposed to visualize the dark melancoly cold sound of our music, It stands for the sound we want to create.

PR: Music. We are Alaska:

LUKA SEIFERT:   Hard to discribe, as I said it is supposed to sound like Alaska looks.
A mixture of Pop with electronic elements and some folk stuff mixed into it I guess ;)

PR: Inspiration behind October.

LUKA SEIFERT: This song is inspired by a story written by E.T.A Hoffman, a German author. It also represents a very personal perspective that reflects the uncertainties that arise during the coming of age phase of life.

PR: Inspiration.

LUKA SEIFERT:  We all come from different kind of music styles, Henning (Drums) used to play in a Metal band, Bassi (Piano) comes from classical music, Dominik (Vocals) is more into Folk music.

I personally listen to a lot of different styles, but I guess my favourite artists of all time that inspire me are bands like Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones.

At the moment I'm obsessed with Jack White, I just love everything he does...

PR: You sound a bit as Placebo

LUKA SEIFERT:  Yeah well I hear that quite often. I don't like Placebo, never listened to them a lot.

PR: Best gig was…

LUKA SEIFERT:  Our second show ever in 2011 was with Young Rebel Set, great band, great guys, We played a sold out show in Berlin with them in front of 650 people.. I'l never forget that. Such a great time.

But our best show has to be this years Dockville Festival in Hamburg. Sharing the stage with such great artists as James Blake or Purity Ring was awesome.

PR: Next gigs U R looking forward to:

LUKA SEIFERT:  We are playing in Augsburg in Germany next month, I've never been there, and i love visiting new places, meeting new people ;)

We wrote a bunch of new songs that we are currently recording in the studio. I'm excited to play them live next month. Always excited to see how people react on new stuff.

LUKA SEIFERT: Burberry's collaborations with bands like Burberry Acoustic. I'd love to be part of that one day.

PR: Do you consider yourself to be a part of specific youth culture.

LUKA SEIFERT: No, I guess I just do my thing.

PR: Hipsters.

LUKA SEIFERT: Just a stupid term to describe the current mainstream in urban culture. And it's really getting on my nerves.

PR: Mr. Style Icon.

LUKA SEIFERT: Although he's just embarrassing by now, I do think Pete Doherty used to be pretty well dressed. I always loved his style.

PR: Your blog. You seem to be hopeless romantic.

LUKA SEIFERT: Yeah, I guess I'll might be one.

The blog is where I post my personal inspirations and stuff I'm currently obsessed about or what shows my current mood.

PR: Where to find You after 8pm?

LUKA SEIFERT: You'll never find me on my own, I usually always have someone around me or I'm out for a drink. I'm not very good being on my own.

PR: 24 hours ago I was…

LUKA SEIFERT: Sitting in Dominik's basement working on some new ideas.

PR: 3 things you haven't done yet.

  • Never traveled to another continent,
  • Never got a tattoo,
  • Never recorded an album. 

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