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MARIA INES HUGUENIN: model interview

Posted on: 2012/10/23

Maria Ines Huguenin: "Possibilities are endless"

ph. Fernando Delgado

@ PARAGON Mexico City & NY
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@ MONSTER Milano


PR: Your polaroids are amazing! 


PR: Do you ever get compared to other models..,
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Yes, I do get model comparisons. The most frequent are to Daphne Groeneveld and Rianne Ten Haken.

PR: I don’t know much about Mexican modeling scene, so… what did you know about your mother agency before signing?

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I knew a couple of the girls at Paragon (my mother agency) before I started modeling and they all agreed that it was the best agency in Mexico for fashion. Turns out they were absolutely right :) 

PR: Everyone loves New York! How about you?

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I love New York. You get to meet so many people and it really does feel like the capital of the world.

PR: What did you discover in NY that you haven’t seen before in Mexico

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I was surprised about how fast paced everything is. 
Everyone is in a rush and doing their own thing. 
It's so different from Mexico where everyone is so much more laid back and relaxed. It took a while to get used to but it ended up being one of my favorite things about the city. 

PR: What has been the most memorable moment for you as a model?

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: It was definitely working in New York. Moving to Manhattan has been a dream ever since i can remember and it finally came true. To be doing what I love the most, which is modeling, and in one of the fashion capitals of the world was surreal, a dream come true and an experience I will never forget. 

PR: Alice and Olivia. Do you own anything by them?
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Of course! I fell in love with Stacy Bendet's style. I just bought the cutest  blazer by her, its one of my favorite  pieces. 

PR: Did you immediately go shopping in NY? 
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Immediately! I went to a lot of boutiques in SoHo like LF and Alexander Wang.

PR: Timberland or dc.Martnes for winter?
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: That's easy! Doc Martens!

PR: Jeans.

PR: What is currently on your playlist? You seem to really like indie music scene.
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Lately I've been slightly obsessed with Tegan and Sara, I recently went to their concert and i went crazy! 

I also have an inconditional love for Angus andJulia Stone and Lana Del Rey. Can't go a day without listening to them! 

PR: Don’t you love Lana del Ray’s new single Ride?  

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Im in love! One of her best singles so far for sure! 

PR: What do you like about Lana?
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I love how she isn't afraid to be herself, she dresses how she likes and doesn't care what people think. I admire her for that.  

PR: Which one of her videos is your favorite?
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: My favorite video is definitely the one she made for Carmen. Its one of my favorite songs and the video is flawless.

PR: What is the fashion scene like in Mexico

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: The fashion scene in Mexico has been growing a lot lately and it's a really exciting time for the industry. My favorite designers are Mancandy (, Kris Goyri (, etc ...

PR: Your hair is really beautiful. What do you use for it?  

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I love Wella's sp perfect ends treatment. It does wonders! 

PR: Do you ever use anything home made for your hair?

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Sometimes, when I feel my hair needs an extra shine and softness boost, I spray some olive oil on it. After some time, I rinse it off and the results are great!

PR: You never get a bad skin day, do you? 

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Fortunately, I have fairly good skin and I rarely need to spend a lot of time taking care of it. However, I have found that Clinique's anti-blemish spot healing gel is the best and fastest solution for blemishes.

PR: What products do you use for your skin ?
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I use Clinique's 3step process to clean my face everyday. I start off with their cleansing facial soap followed by their clarifying lotion and finally their moisturizing lotion. 

PR: And make up ?

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Although I don't use much makeup on a daily basis, i do have a few favorites. 

PR: Do you ever find a product on the set that you just must have? 

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Last week during a photo shoot, one of the makeup artists introduced me to EstéeLauder 's cooling eye illuminator. It is incredible, its like a good night's sleep in a tube!

PR: Beauty advice.
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Drink green juice everyday! If you have a juicer, the possibilities are endless.

PR: Body lotions. 
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I am obsessed with Burt bees body butter! It smells delicious and leaves my skin so soft. Its definitely an oldie but a goodie. 

PR: Work out. 
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I like doing yoga.

PR: Breakfast.
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Fresh fruit smoothies.

PR: Tell us something more about Mexican food style except tacos and such.
MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I love everything about mexican food! I love that the food you can find in the northern part of the country is completely different from the southern type. 

My personal favorite is mole, which is a rich sauce made of peanuts, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, spices and chocolate. It doesn't get any better than that :)

ph. Fernando Delgado

PR: You see, all I know about Mexico or Mexico City is from Mexican soaps… 

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Haha, I dont usually watch mexican soaps, or tv in general.

PR: No soaps for you?

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: Although I personally don't watch soaps, I do think its a part of Mexican culture and don't have anything against them. 

PR: What I really want to know is good music from your country! Who would you recommend? 

MARIA INES HUGUENIN:  Apart from the really traditional mexican music which I really appreciate, I would recommend Ximena Sariñana and Zoe

I love their style and I don't think there is anything like them in the music scene.

PR: Could you imagine yourself starring in a music video? 

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: I would love to!!! It would be a dream come true to be in a Lana Del Rey video, just because I love her so much haha :)

PR: Let's finish with your fav music quote at the moment:

MARIA INES HUGUENIN: " Now i don't know where I am, I don't know where I've been, but I know where I want to go." - Bright Eyes  
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