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Posted on: 2012/10/18


Marihenny Rivera Pasible:"People have to like You the way You are"

Zac Posen
@ New York Model Management
@ STORM London @ Dmgmt Milano

French Revue des Modes Fall/Winter 2012


PR: Marihenny - you do look like Naomi! You had a chance to meet her recently..

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: Yes :)…. In the beginning I was kind of shy to ask her for a picture - and somebody told me: "Oh don't be shy, she won't tell you no"... So after the show, I was already in my normal clothes and she was coming from the finale, so I looked at her, I smiled and she smiled back to me! 
That was the moment when I asked her for the picture. I wasn't shy anymore! She said "Of course" with a beautiful smile on her face, she asked me for my name and where I was from. I couldn't believe it!

PR: What was your impression of Naomi?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: I was so happy because she was so sweet and not like other people say she is. For me she's a lovely person and i fell in love with the way that she treated everyone around her :)
She's the best :D

New York Model Management

PR:Do you remember your first snapshots?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: Yes, I actually do remember. I was 14 years old. It had nothing to do with modeling, I just wanted to have an album with pictures for memories. They turned out to be really nice.
I still have some pictures around and when I see them I smile and remember the day like if it was yesterday. It was a beautiful day :)

PR: What would you advise to a new model who finds herself first time in NY?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: Well there is a lot to say - but for me the basic is - not to be desperate
This business is about waiting for your time to come and for you to grow as a model you need to have good dreams and very big dreams. 
Always think positive, believe in yourself and the most important thing is: always be yourself, because people have to like you the way you are. So never forget who you are and where you are coming from :)


PR: What's been your most surreal fashion moment?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  It was when I was at the call back for PRADA, at the same time that they were doing fitting and confirmation. When I went in they told me to wait. 
I remember that I was laying on the floor, listening to music and playing games, when the casting director told me: "Marihenny Love, go to get hair and make-up, you are confirmed for the show". I still didn't believe it till I actually walked on the runway.

Toby Knott for Rollacoaster Magazine Issue 5-Stylist: Way Perry

PR: Don't you just love goodie bags! 

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  OMG, that is one of my favorite parts of doing the show :) ... I loved the one that I received at the Anna Sui show! It had my name with a beautiful message on it. It was so sweet…. Inside was a nail polish, Red lipstick with Love a Little Fairy perfume, an eyeliner and a T-shirt <3>

PR: Casting bag. 

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I have an Alexander Wang bag… In my bag I always have hand and lip moisturizer, mascara, water, keys, phone, cologne and a wallet.


PR: You dress in black a lot! Why?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Because black is a very chic color! You can wear it for any occasion, at any time and anywhere. Sometimes I mix it with other colors too - but black is black :)…

PR: How would you describe your personal style?
MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: ... I would say that my style is more Caribbean looking without all the color mix, haha! I like to wear shorts and sexy clothes, a lot depends where I have to go though ;)

PR: What are the best clothing pieces you own?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: Shorts, black pants, leather jacket and a dress that shows my body.

PR: We love your combat boots Marihenny!

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Oh I love them too. They are so comfortable, I got them at Steve Madden

PR: Speaking of shoes – you bought Balmain shoes! 

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Yes I did and I'm in love! They are  so comfortable! They are the ones that have silver zippers around pointy front and tiny heel. I can dance all day long in them and I don't feel anything :)

PR: Breakfast?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Sometimes I make a veggie omelet or I eat a Yogurt with granola and fruits, orange juice and milk

PR: You are a pizza fan! 

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: I will say that I'm a food fan haha, but pizza is the one of my guilty pleasures. 
The best pizza I've ever had was last fashion week in Milan. It was a simple margarita but it tasted so good that now when I imagine it again, I can almost taste the flavor in my mouth, haha

PR: Chocolate fan as well!
MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Milka is the best one I've ever had. 

PR: Which flavour?
MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:I like the milk-chocolate

Blugirl S/S 2013 Milan

PR: What dominates your food selection in Paris

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Couscous and mushrooms… I love French food. They have best mashed potatoes in the world and it is fresh :)

PR: How do you like Europe? Do you think you could live here?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I love Europe for vacations, specially Paris because I never get lost there haha….I don't think that I will live there though, but who knows ;)

PR: Tea.


PR: Bottled water in Paris? 


PR: And in NY?

Bjarne Jonasson for Oyster

PR: When you are home in Dominican Republic – what is the first thing you will eat? And what are some of the local food specialties that you just love?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  For the first three days I eat rice, beans and chicken with fried plantains! It's the best, specially if my mom makes it….. 

In Dominican Rep we have a lot of different food. There is an amazing soup call Sancocho that is made out of every kind of vegetable and meet and my favorite is Mangu which is made of mash plantains. Just by thinking about it makes me feel hungry haha

Pierpaolo Ferrari for Vogue Italia

PR: Are you really a Yankees fan??? 

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I would say that I'm a HUGE Yankees fan. I do love sports! My favorite is volleyball and I also love playing it…. 
PR: OMG, You like watching sports?
MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: Yes I do like watching sports and it is more fun when I'm at home watching it with my grandpa. He goes crazy watching it haha

PR: Speaking of sports, how do you stay in shape?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I love walking, I run every day for 30 or 40 minutes and I eat healthy too. Sometimes I skip that,  but it is just for one day

PR: Which lotions do you use for your body?

PR: Which products do you use for your skin? 

PR: Do you know any beauty tricks?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Yes… It is good to drink a lot of water during the day because it cleans your body. 

For a home made exfoliation it is good to mix oat meal, brown sugar and honey, it makes your skin looks renovated and it is good to exfoliate two or three times a week, in geneal :)

Backstage at Zac Posen/stylebistro

PR: What are your go to items when it comes to make up?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I have a little mix in my make up bag: my foundation, concealer and my mascara are from Maybeline New York and my rouge is from Nars cosmetics

PR: What have you discovered about make up since you started working?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  Yes, I find out how to make my nose to look pointy by putting a lighter line in the center of it and darker lines on the sides, and also how to make my eyes look bigger hehe :)


PR: I wanna know all about the products you use for your hair!

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I have been using Redkento wash my hair and every time I go home I use a new mask to put on my hair.  Home made ones, it's very good actually :)… I put oils in my hair because it is kinda dry so I need it. 

I've been putting jojoba oil before washing my hair…… 

PR: Who does your hair?
MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: For the past 8 months I've been doing my hair back home  not here in NY

New York Model Management

PR: In your previous interviews, you mention faith as something that is important to you. So, when you encounter hard times – what makes you continue believing?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: My family. They are the ones who make me believe every day more and more…when I have hard times I just have to make a phone call and than everything is like nothing happened and I start to believe more than before. I love my family :)

PR: Psalms. Which one is your favorite?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE:  I have two favorites: Psalm 4 - this one is for when I go to bed and Psalm 121 for when I'm traveling

''Cold Summer'' Love magazine s/s 2012

PR: We can not finish this interview without knowing, what is your life motto?

MARIHENNY RIVERA PASIBLE: Love for life is HAPPINESS and Enjoy every minute of your life - like it is the last one and no matter what, always smile to the world :)
Rebecca Taylor F/W 12.13 New York Backstage/ stylebistro TFS

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