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TAMY GLAUSER: model interview

Posted on: 2012/10/19

Tamy Glauser: " In the end we are all just human beings"

@ FORD Paris
@ IZAIO Berlin m/a 


PR: Tamy? It's kinda soft name in a way... Tamara, has more impact somehow…

TAMY GLAUSER:  Yes it's soft and so am I, though I might not look like that at first sight. :)

PR: What? Really? No... 

TAMY GLAUSER: Tamy comes from my parents, they just called me Tamara when I was a bad kid. 

PR: Ahhh :), okay, okay... My German is not perfect, God knows that, so maybe I'm mistaken… But did I read that you were a bouncer in a Club 

TAMY GLAUSER: Well read! They did write bouncer, technically that was incorrect. I actually did the selection and had a big guy standing next to me who took the bouncing part.

PR: It's wrong? You are not a tomboy?

TAMY GLAUSER: No, not wrong at all.  I've been a tomboy since I can think. 

PR: So… what kinda club was it? "Pattaya" - is that correct?

TAMY GLAUSER: Yes, it's correct. It was a former thai strip club, that a couple friends of mine turned into a pop up club. A place for friends. We had amazing times.

PR: Thai strip club? I love this! Tell me, what kinda music scene is in Zurich? Is it as wild as in Berlin?

TAMY GLAUSER: I love Zürich's nightlife and yes it is certainly comparable to the one in Berlin. But Zürich is smaller, places more hidden, therefore it's not very easy to find out where the happenings are, especially if you don't live in Z-city. 

On top of that lots of great parties are illegal and won't be promoted anywhere, you just have to know. Just as Pattaya was: no website, no facebook, no promotion what so ever.

PR: Cool, and what type of music do you listen to?

TAMY GLAUSER: The type of music I listen to is really hard to describe. From Indie over Rap and R&B to electronical music, it depends on the mood I'm in.

PR: You live in Zurich but you are originally from Bern?

TAMY GLAUSER: Yes, but Bern doesn't get me and I don't get Bern.

PR: Lol… What I really wanna know is how come your mother agency is in Berlin? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Affa is a really good friend of mine. He used to be a model, then became one of the head bookers for Izaio and he said to me that he wants to sign me. That's how it all began..

PR: Can you compare Zurich to Berlin?

TAMY GLAUSER: I don't know Berlin that well as of yet. Maybe it's comparable to Zürich, certainly not to Bern. Except they are both the capital city of their country.

PR: How surreal was Paris?

TAMY GLAUSER: Everything was surreal. Beginning with the moment I stood in front of the FORD sign. Still asking myself: "Tamy, you sure they haven't mistaken you for someone else?!" 
Even more absurd was the moment I walked through the door and the whole team seemed to be even more excited to see me - then I was to see them.

PR: Super! And is there a photographer you would like to work with? We know - we know, probably Meisel… but thinking outside of the box, whose aesthetics do you find interesting?

TAMY GLAUSER: Meisel? To be honest I have to google him quickly. 

PR: Fresh!

TAMY GLAUSER:  Awesome pictures and yes of course it would be amazing to work with him. Otherwise I can't really answer your question. As of yet I know very little about the fashion scene.

PR: Who was Tamara before modeling? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Tamy (I really don't like Tamara) 

PR: Sorry... 

TAMY GLAUSER:was and still am a girl who is wandering through life, daydreaming from here to there, bad at planning things, always sort of free falling. I highly doubt that that will ever change. 

PR: You studied Communications at Luzern University? 

TAMY GLAUSER: I'm still surprised I went to the University for 4 semesters. And yes: still into Sociology (studied that more than Communication) but not really into University. I am happy the way things are going now and something new and exciting seems to be ahead of me.

PR: You've heard about the male model Andrej Pejic? People find your looks somewhat similar to his look – what are your thoughts on that? 

TAMY GLAUSER: I dont think our looks are similar but we do have something in common. He is a boy who can be a girl and I am a girl who can be a boy. Basically we both smudge the border of gender.

PR: Really not a bouncer..?

TAMY GLAUSER: :) Nope, would never do such a job. Way too much of a softy ;)

PR: How do you stay fit? Don't tell us it's all in the genes…

TAMY GLAUSER: Haha it is. But here and there I visit chi-ball classes. It's good for the body and mind in combination. It makes me feel good.

PR: Speaking of genes, you have interesting gene mix yourself! Tell us more about your Nigerian heritage! 

TAMY GLAUSER: I wish I could, my mom, at some point in her teenage life (I think), quit the contact to her father. I basically don't know anything about him, his family nor the culture. Not even his name. The one thing I do know, is that he is from Lagos.

PR: That's sad... Different topic: would you say that you live a healthy lifestyle? 

TAMY GLAUSER: My choice of food seems to be what others would call healthy, for the main part, but not a day goes by, without me eating chocolate and sweets. :)

PR: Of course! Can you cook? 

TAMY GLAUSER: I rarely cook, but if I happen to do so I mainly make pasta with a really good tomato sauce (fresh tomatoes only)

PR: Huttenkase… mmm, was?

TAMY GLAUSER: Cottage cheese.. sadly they don't sell that in Paris.

PR: Will you change anything about your diet now that you are on the modeling path? 

TAMY GLAUSER: No, I dont think so. I already eat healthy, if anything i'd cut on the booze and maybe go to a few more chi-ball classes and add some yoga to it. :)

PR: Which cigarettes are your favorite?... 

TAMY GLAUSER: My favorite brand is Parisenne. 

PR: Smoking is bad for you, you know?

TAMY GLAUSER: I know its bad, but there are so many bad things out there.

PR: What kind of products do you use for your skin?

TAMY GLAUSER: If I use anything then its La Roche Posay. First the Effaclar deep cleansing foaming cream to wash my face. Then I use Effaclar duo and / or Effaclar mat. That's it.

PR: Are you afraid of wrinkles? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Nope, I see beauty in wrinkles.

PR: Do you see a difference between you in early 20 and you being over 25? Personality wise… 

TAMY GLAUSER: Personality wise so many things changed. As a teenager I was super naive and didn't know who i was, like most teenagers, now I have something to say and a point of view.

PR: When did you feel the most beautiful?
TAMY GLAUSER: I feel the most beautiful now. Not necessarily because of modeling, but because I can be me and because I am happy with who I became.

PR: What make up do you use…? There is no chance that you don't use absolutely anything! 

TAMY GLAUSER: No, no make up... I'm very lazy when it comes to these things.

PR: Fine, than what's your favorite fragrance? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Nothing that is too intense. I have a very sensitive nose.

PR: Did you like pampering beauty treatment before the shows? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Yeah, I liked it.  Especially because I would never do all of that myself.  So it's nice having someone else make you look pretty. 

PR: How long have you had this hair style? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Maybe its been 2 months now. 

PR: When did you decide to go „bold“?

TAMY GLAUSER: Actually it wasn't my idea. The idea came from Julia, she's the other head booker of Izaio. Seems as though that was the right thing to do. Either way I'm happy I did it.

PR: What does your tattoo mean?

TAMY GLAUSER: It's the Tree of Life. Means many things to me. 

PR: At which studio, if you remember?

TAMY GLAUSER: I did it in a studio in Williamsburg, I cant recall the name of it, but the cross streets are N8th and Driggs.

PR: Favorite locations in Zurich...

TAMY GLAUSER: hmm ... Zürich it would be:

  • Night Club: Gonzo, Bar3000

  • Favorite hangout: any kind of Rooftop, Volkshaus, Odeon, Pelikanbar

PR: Tell us more about your style. Where do you shop.

TAMY GLAUSER: My style is pretty simple. Skinny jeans, belt, tank top, sweater, a leather jacket with classic chucks. That's what I look like pretty much everyday.
And if I shop, I do that at my friends store, because they give me things for free or for a really good price :)

PR: Where did you buy that cargo pants that you are wearing on polaroids?

TAMY GLAUSER: I got those as a gift from my mom.

PR: In what kind of culture (subculture) are you interested in?

TAMY GLAUSER: I feel I can move from one subculture to another and feel well-situated. If there is somewhere I don't fit in, then it's probably mainstream.

PR: Have you read anything good lately? 

TAMY GLAUSER: Lots of good things about me actually :) 

TAMY GLAUSER:  In terms of books it's been a bit disappointing lately.

PR: Do you think you can contribute with your style and personality to changing people's perception of models and what is beautiful?

TAMY GLAUSER: It's not my goal to change peoples perception of models, but it would be nice to open peoples minds in the question of gender. 

Just because I'm a girl I don't need to have long hair and put make up on, yet just because I'm a tomboy doesn't mean I have to act boyish and speak in an un-natural deep voice.

PR: That is a great answer actually... For the end, who is an Icon for you?

TAMY GLAUSER: I have to think about who I could name here - way too long. There is certainly people I admire for their achievements, but in the end we are all just human beings.

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