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SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: model interview

Posted on: 2012/11/20


Samantha Rollinson: "If you’re at a shoot and they want to cut your hair- you have to get your agent to say its ok! "

Glamour mag Russia
@ NY Model Mgmt 
@ SELECT London m/a  
@ Monster Milano

Nikolay Biryukov for Elle Ukraine
PR: Sam! Which tea do you choose to drink at 5 pm? 

PR: Seriously, do young people in the UK follow that tradition? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON:  It kinda depends- some of my friends do and some don't, however I do, and I am obsessed with tea!

PR: Proper english rose aren't you? And which biscuits are your favorite to have with your tea?

PR: Back to fashion. How did you start modeling?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I got scouted on a school trip in Birmingham- I was scouted by Select (London).

PR: Has anyone from your family ever modeled?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: No one in my family has ever modelled- my family are very supportive of me- from when I first started at 13 

PR: And your friends? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: My friends have been great- but they’re used to it now- they just think its cool  
Balenciaga S/S 2013 Paris 
PR: You closed Balenciaga… How many rehearsals did you do before the show? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: There were three rehersals I think ! The catwalk had a lot of corners so practice was needed!

PR: What did you like about that collection?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I liked the dress I was wearing a lot.

PR: Do you own something from it?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I don't own anything from the collection, but if I did I would probably get the skirt with the frill that had a cut up one leg- I thought those looked great 

PR: How was the make-up process for that show? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: The make up was pretty minimal - I think they wanted the girls to just look really fresh! The call time was Half five so I can't say I noticed any particular product they used haha! 
Nikolay Biryukov for Elle Ukraine
PR: When you started modeling you had long hair, who decided on the cut?

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I was at a shoot and they pinned my long hair short- and someone said I should cut it - so I decided to cut it. I would like long hair again but I think short hair suits me too. 
For the (Balenciaga) show Guido (Palau) cut it again. 

PR: Can a model refuse to cut her hair?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I guess a model could refuse to cut their hair- but if you’re at a shoot and they want to cut your hair- you have to get your agent to say its ok! 

Mario Testino for Burberry Prorsum
PR: I guess you immediately started getting positive responses from the industry when you managed to book the Burberry campaign.

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Doing the Burberry campaign was great- I really enjoyed it and was only 15 at the time so I guess I didn't really catch on to what a big deal it was- meeting Mario Testino was amazing- (I'd just done a project on him at school- before I knew he'd be shooting me!) 

PR: Tell us what you own by Burberry...
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I'm afraid to say I don't own anything from Burberry- although I would soon like to! 

PR: What! No... Well, speaking of campaigns and such, Sam, how do you know how to pose for pictures?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Normally the photographer or someone else at the shoot will tell you the concept and what look I should be "going for" .

PR: Are you under the influence of this new hipster culture?

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I wouldn't really say I'm under the influence of any one subculture- but we are all influenced by these things unknowingly. 

I am fascinated by hippies- if I was a teenager in the sixties I would have definitely got in with all that flower power!

ph Andrew Yee

PR: UK is the number 1 place for indie music! Do you follow that scene?

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I don't go to gigs as much as I would like- but I do like indie music. I'd say some of my favourite bands are Kasabian- Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys and the Libertines 

PR: How often do you go to concerts?

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Only a few times a year- if that, for the past two years I've been to Leeds festival, which was just amazing, I had a really good time. 
My favourite gig was Kasabian at Leeds festival this year

PR: Can you recommend someone new?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON:  I' m listening alot to Jake Bugg at the minute- hes new and his music is just lovely 

Ph: Dimitris Theocharis for SCHON MAGAZINE

PR: We had a chance to do an interview with The Vaccines. What’s your opinion on their music? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I like The Vaccines, I've seen them live and I enjoyed singing along- especially to Noorgard.

PR: OFC, :) , If you could be a muse of any musician in this world… who would that be?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON:  I guess Jake Bugg- because he's new and he could write nice songs about me haha 

PR: How come you didn’t wear braces when you were little? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: My dentist never gave me the option- I only need them for aesthetic purposes - not medical so it wasn't ever offered to me

PR: I think your smile is spectacular. It shows you can look amazing without that so called perfect line of extremely over bleached teeth!

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON:  If I wasn't modelling I wouldn't have probably got a  brace but after taking advice from my agency, it seemed I might in the future get more jobs with straight teeth- so it was a no brainer really! 

PR: Please tell us which products do you use for your skin? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Estée Lauder face wash and L'occitane provence moisturiser

PR: What if you have a bad skin day?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I just cleanse as normal 

PR:  You probably don’t use it, but we need to know your choices when it comes to make-up.
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Your right- I don't really wear makeup, if I'm going out at night with my friends ill wear eyeliner and some Dior lipglow , it's like lipbalm that makes your lips more pink! 

PR: Less is more for sure, but apart from that, did you learn any tricks backstage?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Since I started modelling i have started using better skin cleansers and moisturisers to look after my skin better, but when it comes to make up and hair- i don't really do it myself much, I'm not a girly girl, i just brush my hair and away I go! 

I have learned how to get extension glue out of my hair- which is essential if after a shoot not all has been taken out!

Ph. Emma Tempest for 125 Magazine
PR: Hair. Which hair products do you use at the moment?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I did the Aveda campaign and use their shampoo and conditioner. But being a model and having styling product in my hair all the time, when I'm not working I just wash it and leave it natural 

PR: Exercise.
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I try to exercise at least one a week, I'd either go for a swim or a jog round the local park

PR: Do you have a proper English breakfast in the morning?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Haha! English breakfasts are not for everyday! It would give you a heart attack

PR: What is a proper English breakfast anyway? 
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: English breakfasts (I think !) are- bacon eggs sausages hash browns toast beans tomatoes mushrooms black pudding!

PR: W O W, what do usually have?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I normally just have some cereal and a yoghurt- and tea of course! 

PR: OFC :) , Sam your fave place to have a Burger?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I like this place called The Diner- its sort of American themed- I like my burger medium rare.

PR: Pub.
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Any with my friends in it

Sisley ad campaign
PR: Do you like to bake or do you just like to watch Great British bake off?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I do like baking- and Bake Off is one of my favourite programmes! 
I would like to think I'm good at baking- and when I bake a cake or buns- they may not always look amazing but they still taste good!

PR: TOPSHOP or...?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Urban outfitters is my favourite shop- and TopShop  a close second! 

PR: Shoes? 

PR: Jeans?

PR: Angel Jackson bags?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I haven't heard of them but I'm sure there nice! 

PR: Who has the best sales?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON:  I've heard Harrods sales are amazing- ive just moved to London some months ago so hopefully can experience one this year!

Mario Testino for Burberry

PR: We have a feeling that you just might be the next best thing from the UK. Are you excited about everything that is waiting for you? 

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Thanks! I am very excited about what's in store for my modelling career- onwards and upwards I hope! 

PR: Well well… let’s wrap this up with: if you had a chance to celebrate New Year’s Eve anywhere in the world… Where would that be? 

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: Probably in Newquay Cornwall- i've been there on holiday nearly every year of my life so it's pretty special to me, and it's a beautiful place 

Kal Griffig for  i-D
All photos are courtesy of NY Mgmt, Select London or Monster Milano, if source hasn't been named. 

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