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CHRYSTAL COPLAND: model interview

Posted on: 2012/04/28


Chrystal Copland: " The crazier the better I say! More is more!"

Fusion NY

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PR: Chrystal, hi!

PR: There isn't much out there about you except that you had pink hair as a child and that you opened Louis Vuitton! You didn't pop out of nowhere - how long have you been working?
CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I had been modeling a bit here and there back home in Australia but didn't really get started properly until my first show season. It was all very overwhelming and exciting for me. 
The Australian market is quite commercial so things didn't really start happening for me until I went to New York.

Louis Vuitton SS12

PR: What was your impression of Kate Moss? You did a LV show with her.

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: I think Kate Moss is the ultimate. She may as well be the poster girl for the fashion industry. I really admire her, it would take a lot of drive and hard work to be where she is. I love her style, she is beautiful.

PR: How long have you been with Fusion (

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: A year and a half.

PR: How did your development as a model look liked? 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I was always really tall and in the back row in class photo's. I have some pretty tragic looking school photos.

PR: Don't we all? 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I never thought I would become a model haha.

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
PR: You are one of the newest Vogue Italia cover girls!  How was working with that particular group of models? 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  Everyone was really nice, my best friend was also shooting that day - Dempsey, she is from Perth also; having her there made the shoot a great deal of laughs!  We have been friends for years.

PR: Tell us more about your style.

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I would describe my style as somewhat crazy and eccentric. 
I wear whatever I feel like wearing and love sparkles and bright colors. 

Japanese culture had definitely influenced my style, I have spent a lot of time in Tokyo and am inspired by the fashion in Harajuku. The crazier the better I say! More is more! hahahah.

PR: The things you are wearing in Vogue Italia, does it connect to you in any way?  
CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I absolutely love my outfits in Vogue Italia, I love the gold top with the sequins! That is definitely something I would wear.

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PR: What did you wear on casting for Vogue Italia? What did the casting look like?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I wore a top from Zara with a collar and cute little horses on it, and a corduroy high - waisted skirt and heels. When I go to castings I tend to dress down a little more. It is important to be more of a blank canvas I think. 

PR: Have you done any special polaroids for that, before you met with the Vogue team?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: I am not sure, I think my agency sent them the polaroids I had already.

PR: Where did the shoot take place... 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: It took place at a stunning hotel in New York. The room was perfect for the masquerade theme. It looked as though it was from another era.

Fusion NY
PR: When you shot the photo that ended up on the cover.... did you know you were shooting the cover...?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I was first booked for one day, which then turned into two and then the cover! Steven and his team picked the models they wished to use for the cover on the second day of shooting. It felt very surreal. 

Fusion NY

PR: Tell us something, most of the models dress monochrome and androgynous for polaroids, you on the other hand, you wear blouses, dresses, silk, lace, etc... how so?  

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I tend to wear what I like. I think it is important to not lose your individuality in this business and become another all black wearing model clone. I love colorful clothes, all black really bores me. I love to put together a mix of colors that probably don't go together, but I like what I am wearing, and feel comfortable, so that is the main thing! 

L'Officiel Ukraine

PR: What is your current obsession style-wise? 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: Creepers, Long flowy vintage dresses. red lipstick, Anna Sui's designs they are exactly the type of style I love, anything with sequins or sparkles!

PR: Your favorite bag?  

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: My Marc by Marc green bag with gold chain.

PR: Shoes? 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: Creepers or  black heels.

PR: High heels? 


PR: Jeans?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I am not really that into jeans, I never really have been. I think there is so many more other interesting things you can wear.

PR: Best piece of advice you could pass on, regarding style? 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: Dress in what makes you feel comfortable, don't copy a runway look and be original.

Sølve Sundsbø for LOVE
PR: What’s the biggest mistake a model can do?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  Being late!  best to avoid it.. I am working on not doing this haha.

PR: Do you go to after parties during fashion week?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I am not so much a party girl. I prefer to have a drink with friends at a chilled out bar, or at a friends house. Every now and then I enjoy parties, it all depends on my mood.

PR: What's the best compliment you've received, for your work and for your look?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  For my work it would have to be my family being proud of me for the dedication and hard work I have put into my job. 
In terms of my look I would say people most compliment my eyes.

Fusion NY
PR: How do you stay in shape?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: I am a vegetarian and I love to swim and ice-skate. I also try to walk everywhere when I can.

PR: What is your favorite brand of bottled water?

PR: What is your favorite NY place to eat? 
CHRYSTAL COPLAND:  I love Maoz! The vegetarian take away place in Times Square. I always order the Falafel salad bowl. It is so good.

L'Officiel Ukrain

PR: What products do you use for maintaining your skin?

  • Makeup remover- Bioderma, 
  • Moisturiser - Nivea, 
  • Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. 

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: I don't really wear sunscreen. I probably should be though.

PR: Your choice of make up remover....

PR: Your choice of highlighter?

PR: What is inside your make up ba?
CHRYSTAL COPLAND: Concealer, Red Lipstick, assorted brown eyeshadows, mascara, white eyeliner. I normally just wear a bit of concealer and mascara.

Fusion NY
PR: What products at the moment do you use for your hair?

CHRYSTAL COPLAND: Oil treatments are great, I need to take extra care of my hair ad the shows and shoots really start to take a toll on it after a while.
PR: If one song could describe you, what would it be?
CHRYSTAL COPLAND: Fast Car- Tracey Chapman

PR:  Tell us something we don't know about you?
CHRYSTAL COPLAND: I want to write scripts and act eventually. I have been acting since I was young, and would love to continue with that at some stage soon.
I am really focusing on modeling at the moment, but if I had the chance I would love to act also. 
I am always writing short stories, scripts and poetry, it keeps me sane with all of the traveling. 

Fusion NY

KELSEY ROGERS: polaroids

Posted on: 2012/04/27

Kelsey Rogers

New haircut for Kelsey- courtesy of Guido Palau and Redken! 

MATT JANSSEN: polaroids

Matt Janssen
@ MODE m/a

Matt was Versace F/W 12 runway exclusive

Canadian, HEIGHT 6' 2 1/2
Hobbies: Hockey, track and field, snow

LINDA EVANGELISTA: model beauty secrets

Linda Evangelista

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
LINDA EVANGELISTA: ”I’m pro-cosmetic procedure. I use Botox, and I’m not afraid to say it, though I do like to keep some movement in my face.
I see David Orentreich in New York and Karyn Grossman in Los Angeles. And I do Thermage, a treatment to stimulate your collagen. I admit to that. 
For me, it’s just for enhancement, like hair color or makeup or any other tricks you can do to make yourself feel better.via VOGUE


- Even Better Makeup SPF 15, neutral, a foundation cream that makes the complexion uniform, endowing maximum luminosity
- On the cheekbones, the light nuance of Fresh Bloom Allover Color
- Quickliner for Eyes, charcoal, and High Lengths Mascara in black
- Finishing touch -The Chubby Stick in super strawberry, pink on lips

All by Clinique

MIRANDA KERR: body talk

Posted on: 2012/04/26

Miranda Kerr

MIRANDA KERR: 'I make sure I do half an hour of yoga in the morning so that then I’m feeling good.
I have been working out quite a bit doing Pilates and yoga and strength training with weights and resistant bands and I eat super healthy. Health is really wealth I think.' (via Daily Mail)


Erin Macdonald 
@ MODE MODELS Canada m/a

Canadian, 19 y old, 5'10


TOSCA DEKKER: polaroids

Posted on: 2012/04/25

Tosca Dekker 

Dutch, 5'9''

LARA STONE: model beauty secrets

Lara Stone

Dutch, b. 1983
LOVE magazine


“During the day, I give my skin a little bit of a break, so I usually just use moisturizer and mascara. I like the new Ck one mascara. It’s really black and it stays on really well.”

“I curl my lashes every day, always. It brightens the whites of your eyes and we all swear by it. I have the Shu Uemura [eyelash curler]- it’s definitely considered the best. I curl before [I put on mascara] because otherwise my lashes get all stuck. ”

“I use different moisturizers at different times. Crème de la Mer really does hydrate your skin when you’re traveling. One of my favorite things to do with it is a full-on face massage with acupressure. It’s not eh easiest thing to do on yourself, but I work a lot with [makeup artist] Mark Carrasquillo and he does the best facial massages. It wakes your skin up.”

“It’s good to use antiaging creams from a very young age because that’s kind of the point. They’re not going to turn back time, they’re more preventative (Sisley Paris Sisleya Global Anti-Aging cream).”

W Magazine October 2010
“You don’t want [your foundation] to look all pancake-y. This is a serum and a foundation (ck one 3-in-1 face makeup SPF 8) so it fixes what you wants it to fix, and otherwise it keeps you looking really natural.”

“I know you’re supposed to take all of your makeup off at night so I just use this cleanser from the pharmacy in Paris – the Créaline (Bioderma Créaline H2O Solution Micellaire) one that all the makeup artists use. I use it every night and every morning. “

“I’m always putting loads of lip balm (Sisley Confort Extreme Levres Nutritie Lip Balm) on because my lips are really dry naturally.”

W Magazine October 2010
“Proper lipstick goes all over my teeth, and five minutes later, half of it is gone. But I do really like the idea of putting lipstick on and still hydrating your lips at the same time. These are quite moisturizing. If I do use a bit of color, I like it to look natural - Ck one pure color lipstick in Dollface.”

US Vogue September Issue 2010
“My hair gets very tangled when I wake up in the morning, and it’s so painful to brush it out. My friend [hairstylist] Paul Hanlon gave me one of his Tangle Teezers (in Bubble), and I think it’s the best invention. It doesn’t hurt to brush with it! It’s definitely one of my secret weapons.”

“I colored my hair a bit last week to brighten it up. I see Nicola Clarke at John Frieda in London. She’s the best. Occasionally, after coloring, I put on a Fekkai protein mask and let it soak in while I’m in the bathtub.”

“I also like to put some Kérastase serum on my ends because the get very dry from all of the curling and blow-drying on shoots.

“I know it’s a bit cliché to say, but Brigitte Bardot is my beauty icon. I just love her smoky black eye, bed head-y kind of look.”


TAYLOR WARREN: polaroids

Taylor Warren





VALENTINA ZELYAEVA: model beauty secrets

Posted on: 2012/04/24

Valentina Zelyaeva 
Velvet March 2012
Eye Cream (Caudalie - Pulpe Vitaminee, from a company that uses all natural ingredients. I use it religiously every day, twice a day. It protects and energizes the skin around the eyes.
“VICHY” Thermal Water -  I always have it with me when I travel. I use it in the mornings instead of washing my face with tap water. Followed by toner and moisturizing cream. 
“AMORE PACIFIC” makeup remover - Amore Pacific ( ) is the only makeup remover that does it job  (removes even heavy waterproof makeup) without stressing out my sensitive skin. It is really truly amazing stuff!

“DESERT ESSENCE” Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste - I love all Desert Essence products: mouth wash, deodorants, toothpaste etc. 
Particularly this toothpaste has a really nice refreshing taste plus it contains baking soda for whiter teeth. It is fluoride and SLS free!



Valentina Zelyaeva 

Shooting a new Ralph Lauren Black Label ads this morning in Milano, Italy. 

Russian, b.1982, passionate about raw food and natural beauty products:

VALERIJA SESTIC: new polaroids

Valerija Šestić
@ PLACE Hamburg


Posted on: 2012/04/23

Philip Milojevic

@ WHY NOT Milano Book:

@ ELITE DK @ View Spain

JULIA ZIMMER: model interview

Posted on: 2012/04/20

Julia Zimmer: "My first Job was the Prada Campaign..."
Ph. Ellen von Unwerth for PonyStep2
@ SMC Management m/a
@ MONSTER Milano
@ MARILYN NY  @STORM London @ Future Faces NL

PR: Julia HI! Is Julia „the model“ different person from everyday „Julia“?
JULIA ZIMMER: Mhhh...actually I'm always the same Julia...the only difference in model and everyday Julia is my style sometimes...I love to be comfy when at home or Germany...but while traveling I have to dress with some killer looks wich I loveeee ;)

PR: How did you get discovered anyway?
JULIA ZIMMER: I got discovered by my lovely Motheragency SMC Model Management, Véronique Kern the head of SMC found me in...suprise „a shopping mall“ haha
Steven Meisel PRADA
PR: How fast did the Prada campaign come? What booked the campaign - beauty or personality?
JULIA ZIMMER: It came pretty fast...discovered November, first shows during Berlin FW in January that is how NY recognized me and then in April my first Job was the Prada Campaign...

It was ridiculous...It was the day when Easter Holidyas started and my agent called me...
He was freaking out and asking me where I would love to travel if I could choose...I answered with NY and then he told me get your stuff together your flying to NY tonight, pick up is in 3hours...

3hours later my agents picked me up at home and me + family thought it was a joke,the funny thing is that I didnt even knew what I was going to do in NY,they weren't allowed to I knew about the Campaign when I saw the set...
Interview magazine
PR: Baptiste Giabiconi. Do tell more! (Interview with Baptiste: )
JULIA ZIMMER: My agent looks like him...

PR: WOW! Seriously??!
JULIA ZIMMER: ... And I met Baptiste when I was at Mairlyn Office in Paris for the first time...obviously good looking guy ;)

PR: So which market has proven to be best for you, most effective in terms of the quality and quantity of bookings?
JULIA ZIMMER: Not too sure...I did a lot of work in Paris like Madame, Metal, Tank...i-D, Vogue etc in NY....and London is a good market...

PR: When you first came to NY, were you well prepared for the ups and downs of the Big Apple and modeling life?

JULIA ZIMMER:  My agents taught me quiet a lot before that - luckily...but still I was very new and nervous...from a shopping mall to Mr.Meisel xD

PR: And what is so great about Brooklyn nightlife?
JULIA ZIMMER: Oh my god...everything?  
I have to say that I really love NY and I want to move for night life its the clubs,parties, the people, their moods... the whole is like "the never sleeping" city.

PR: What is your favorite party location there?
JULIA ZIMMER: I cannot decide...too much great places!

PR: Do you ever indulge in „after party“ AM snack? Where do you usually go (in NY)?
JULIA ZIMMER: There is this one place serving pizza and sandwiches 24hours but I forgot the name :/

PR: Give us a hint on your favorite locations in NY.
JULIA ZIMMER: Starbucks is always working...Central park if you have some free time...
Metal Magazine by Mari Sarai
PR: Hip Hop Dancer Julia? Explain. Can everyone do it?
JULIA ZIMMER: I love hip hop music...and I love to dance hip hop...thats how I keep my body in shape actually haha

PR: And that killer body of yours is result of that ..?
JULIA ZIMMER: As I already said, Hip Hop keeps me going...I do eat normally but trying to be healthy the same time.

PR: And "Yoga with Anja Rubik"? 
JULIA ZIMMER: Got it for my wii for christmas even before the first big high fashion model I knew was MAJOR ANJA RUBIK <3

Love cat magazine
PR: Do you avoid some foods, for example bread or sugars?
JULIA ZIMMER:  No bread in the afternoon... 

PR: We discovered that German brand Dr.Oetker Vitalis with almonds. They are OMG so gooood!
JULIA ZIMMER: Dr.Oetker is greaaat...did you ever try their cake? Dangerous! Love cereals

PR: What is the most weirdest thing you ever tried, food wise? 
JULIA ZIMMER: Caviar ....I know its expensive and chic but not my taste...

PR: Favorite Starbucks coffee!
JULIA ZIMMER: Iced chocolate frappuccino (DONT TELL MY BOOKER)

PR: Hahahaha, sure, ...and your style is pretty awesome too. We want to know more about your boots, the studded, black one with high heel! 

JULIA ZIMMER: Very comfy as it has a hidden platform inside in front...and did you recognized the red heel? Its Louboutin and they are AMAZING (LY – EXPENSIVE)!!! 

PR: What are your favorite shopping locations? Don't go vintage on us!
JULIA ZIMMER: Killiwatch in Paris is great, Zara and H&M always works...I love to mix up casual with designer...

Can be an easy black dress for 20€ but matching it with a Chanel Bag my motheragent gave me is nice ;) also remember that with the right shoes, you can be naked! xD

Madame Figaro Japan
PR:  You did a big amount of work and you truly travel a lot! How do you avoid being jet legged? Whenever we travel our skin gets dehydrated!
JULIA ZIMMER: There are series for sensetive skin by L'oreal wich are amazing.Biotherm has great products as well,luckily I have easy skin...

PR:  What are your airplane essentials and skin essentials in general?
JULIA ZIMMER: Nothing special...trying to wash your face more than 3times a day is good and always put cream afterwards like Nivea is a really good one.

PR:  Do you go to facials and spa?
JULIA ZIMMER: I wish I could go more often but normally I have everything with me,like I said face wash and normal lotion.
Ph. Billy Kidd
PR:  Mascara.

PR:  Foundation.

PR:  Lipstick.
JULIA ZIMMER:  If I ever wear lipstick, it has to be red and it is Chanel Allure Rouge...always makes you feel very chic and dramatic...


JULIA ZIMMER: Valentina by Valentino...the TV Video reminds me of me...Freja looks amazing! (VIDEO:

PR:  What did you learn from make-up artists? And do you have a favorite one?
JULIA ZIMMER: The QUEEN herself...PAT MCGRATH <3 <3 <3 less is more,having healthy looking eyebrows is important and to always have a lip balm... put gloss on eyebrows and cheaks...wich gives you a shiny freshness.

Ph. Ellen von Unwerth for PonyStep2
PR:  Hairdresser. Where do you cut your hair?
JULIA ZIMMER: I think it is called Hair Killer in Paris,since I keep my hair growing so normaly I cut my ends every 3months...using prudcuts for healthy shiny hair from L'oreal's set.

PR:  When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?
JULIA ZIMMER: Spending time with my family and friends and I love to go out...

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