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ABBIE HEATH: model interview

Posted on: 2013/02/26

Abbie Heath: "Miranda's rule is definitely a good guide-line to go by"

L’Officiel Singapore, shot by Chuando & Frey
@ Busy Models m/a
@ Bravo Tokyo
@ Giant Melbourne
@ IMG Australia Paris, London, New York, Milan

L’Officiel Singapore, shot by Chuando & Frey

Q: Having the same name and similar flawless features to Aussie supermodel, Abbey Lee, do people often say you look like her? 
ABBIE HEATH: I often get told i resemble the Aussie supermodel Abbey Lee, truthfully its such a huge compliment to be compared to someone as gorgeous and successful as her.

Abbey Lee has always been one of my all time favourite models!

Q:  How did you start modelling?
ABBIE HEATH: Modelling has always been something I've wanted to get into, but I never really thought I had what it took. My mum sent in some photos of me to Busy Models and one thing lead to another and now here I am! 

Q: Do you remember your first shoot? 
ABBIE HEATH: oh I remember being extremely nervous and excited! Fortunately I got to work with a patient and talented team that made me feel very comfortable.

Q: You were recently signed to IMG Models Australia, how does it feel to instantly have an international agency family?
ABBIE HEATH: Being signed to IMG was such an achievement for me, I can remember scrolling through their website gawking at all the models, I never thought that one day I would actually be one of them!
L’Officiel Singapore, shot by Chuando & Frey

Q:  You recently travelled overseas, tell us about it? 
ABBIE HEATH: I recent travelled to Singapore on a direct booking. It was my first time travelling overseas for modelling, so it was definitely an eye-opening experience! I got to shoot with the extremely talented Chuando and Frey for an editorial and the cover of L'officiel. I got to wear some absolutely gorgeous labels and meet some incredibly talented people. 

Q: Modeling surprised you when...?
ABBIE HEATH: Every shoot I do surprises me! I have learnt to expect the unexpected

Q: Where do you see yourself as a model? 
ABBIE HEATH: I would love to establish myself in the industry, score some major campaigns, walk for some amazing designers and hopefully inspire other young models.
L’Officiel Singapore, shot by Chuando & Frey

Q:  Who is your idol?
ABBIE HEATH: Cara Delevigne and Barbara Palvin, as they both have a lot of personality and they both started modelling at a young age and have already established themselves in the industry!

Q: Can you tell us about any exciting work coming up?
ABBIE HEATH: There are a few things being thrown around at the moment, however nothing confirmed. Keep your eyes peeled for future work!  

Q:  What's your dream gig?
ABBIE HEATH: I would just love to score a major campaign for Burberry or Marc Jacobs

Q:  Why do you want to be a model?
ABBIE HEATHJust to have the opportunity to travel the globe, meet amazing people, make some money and have the experience of a life-time! 

Q:  Busy Models are big on teaching their girls the right way to walk and what to wear to castings - do you practice your strut?
ABBIE HEATH: My hallway in my house is my bestfriend when it comes to practising my walk! There is nothing I enjoy more then whacking on some heels and doing a little strut down the hallway! 

I have had a few walking lessons in the past to get me on the right track as well.

Q:  How did you learn to pose for the camera?
ABBIE HEATH: I was never really taught how to pose for the camera, it's something that has come pretty naturally. The more shoots I do, the more skills I gain and the more comfortable I become. 

Q:  Are you shy?
ABBIE HEATH: I'm definitely not a loud or boisterous person, however I am not exactly shy either. 

Q: MBFWA is just around the corner, are you going to castings?
ABBIE HEATH: Unfortunately I am just a tad to young for MBFWA, but keep me on your radar for next year.

Q:  Who is your favourite Australian designer/label?
ABBIE HEATH: Jac + Jack, Sarah Phillips, Bassike and Zimmermann
L’Officiel Singapore, shot by Chuando & Frey

Q:  Exercise?
ABBIE HEATH: I play alot of sports and just try be as active as possible

Q:  Food?
ABBIE HEATH: Oooh, I love sushi, fried rice and ceasar salad.

Q:  Do you believe in the Miranda Kerr 80/20 rule?
ABBIE HEATH: I believe eating in moderation is the key to being healthy, so Miranda's rule is definitely a good guide-line to go by

Q:  Justin Bieber or Kanye West?
ABBIE HEATH: Truthfully neither of them tickle my fancy
L’Officiel Singapore, shot by Chuando & Frey

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