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LIZA GOLDEN: model interview

Posted on: 2013/02/04


Liza Golden:  'Working vigorously on myself between working out and nutrition gives me great confidence'

PH Tim Zaragoza
@ IMG NY, Milan & Paris
Height: 178 cm /5'10 , New Jersey
PH Tim Zaragoza


PONY RYDER: As Alex Perry (Australian designer) would say: you make every garment look expensive! What is your confidence mantra?

LIZA GOLDEN: My confidence models we are very insecure because we are constantly needing to look top notch. I believe my confidence comes from the fact that I truly believe in myself. I have gone through many trials and tribulations in modeling and in life but I stay grounded. I also think working vigorously on myself between working out and nutrition gives me great confidence.


PONY RYDER: Were you discovered through 

LIZA GOLDEN: I actually was discovered on by my mother agent Ginny. I was going to college for nursing which I had to pay for on my own and I had trouble affording it so I decided I needed to get into modeling so I could make some money...I got in contact with Ginny and the rest is history haha

PH Tim Zaragoza

PONY RYDER: Hm... did you ever meet The Real New Jersey Housewives? Who is interesting reality TV personality  for you? 

LIZA GOLDEN: I have never met the NJ housewives...but I actually love Snooki, I love watching her show 'Snooki &Jwoww'....

PONY RYDER: Could you see yourself in a reality series?
LIZA GOLDEN: I can't see myself on a reality television show, but i'd imagine it would be quite fun.

mega miami
PONY RYDER: Tattoos are not welcomed in modeling world, but you couple of them!

LIZA GOLDEN: I have 5 tattoos to be exact, 2 on my right wrist one says forever missing you and wraps around my wrist like a bracelet and the other is a dove, 1 butterfly on my left wrist,1 behind my ear which is  bible verse 2 Tim 1:7, and 1 large tattoo on my back in between my shoulder blades which is a weeping angel sitting on top of a red rose bud and has my parents name written underneath.

Dolce and Gabanna SS2013

PONY RYDER: Model diet. Do you skip breakfast?

LIZA GOLDEN: I NEVER skip breakfast, its the most important meal of the day, it sets your metabolism for the day...

I eat within an hour of waking up and I normally choose between a whey protein shake, 1/4 cup steel cut oats, or egg white omelette made with 3 oz 99%lean ground turkey, some veggies whatever I have in the fridge (grape tomato,red pepper,broccoli are my favorites),and I season with cumin,cayenne,and chili flakes. I love my breakfast!

PONY RYDER: You cook! 

LIZA GOLDEN: Oh, I can cook! It's actually therapeutic for me ha-ha...

PONY RYDER: What are some of your specialties?

LIZA GOLDEN: My specialties unfortunately are not too health conscious but they are to die for.  Breaded chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes loaded with tons of secret ingredients, Steak & butter garlic shrimp, rice pudding, candied yams to die for, Spaghetti & Homemade Meatballs & tomato sauce(my personal favorite), Lemon pepper chicken, steak salad with arugula goat cheese &red onion mouth is actually watering typing this up so I'm going to stop now...

Chanel  Pre Fall 2012

PONY RYDER: Cheese. Which one is your favorite? 

LIZA GOLDEN: Cheese – cheese - many to love, but to name a few, goat cheese, aged provolone, extra sharp yellow cheddar, pepper jack cheese, gouda, fresh grated parmesan(I pretty much put parmesan in all my recipes), brie but brie can taste weird when bought in the US I prefer it in Paris it tastes divine, gruyere...these are my favorites.... 

PONY RYDER: Do you buy them in a specialized stores in USA? 

LIZA GOLDEN: I just buy my cheese at whole foods or my local grocery...I don't like spending tons of money on food, I don't shop fancy. I love fancy cheese but only at restaurants, I rarely buy it at home.

PONY RYDER: Are you following the "juicing" trend?

LIZA GOLDEN: Hmm I'm not big on juice at all  - I love water. But I do make Kale juice at home sometimes in the blender. A cup of kale, 2 lemons squeezed, a cup of cold water and a little bit of agave nectar - I got that recipe from Tracey Anderson's website...I strain it so I only end up with the juice and not the chunks of kale, I don't like drinking my greens.

PONY RYDER:  Vice you’ll never give up?
LIZA GOLDEN: I will never give up laying out in the sun.

PONY RYDER: Craziest health habit?
LIZA GOLDEN: Health habit hmm...I have an obsession with protein bars, does that make it a health habit? Ha-ha, Quest Barbanana nut muffin flavor or David Kirsch almond crunch protein bar. I tend to eat one in place of an actual meal.

PH Tom Munro for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: Speaking of David Kirsch, how long before fashion week do you start working out seriously?

LIZA GOLDEN: I try to work out year round because it is easier to maintain body figure that way. But I would say that I go hardcore about 2 months before fashion week with nutrition and working out. 

PONY RYDER:  Which type of body workout do you concentrate on? 

LIZA GOLDEN: I train with David Kirsch and our main focus is always my hips I'm a bit more curvy so he really focuses on that area. We do circuit, resistance, lightweight training along with cardio and a healthy diet to achieve a great figure. 

Rag & Bone 2013
PONY RYDER: You have perfect skin. Literally no flaws. How?

LIZA GOLDEN: I use very basic stuff for my skin. Oil-Free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic products. I only use CeraVe foaming facial cleanser and I use either CeraVe AM moisturizer or Cetaphil moisturizer.

I use a dime size of vitamin E oil along with either moisturizer whenever I put it on. Normally twice a day...

I don't always wash my face twice, I'm bad at that, but if I have makeup on I definitely do!

PONY RYDER: Do you apply sun cream?
LIZA GOLDEN: I do use sun cream for my body and face...I use a 15 SPF, it doesn't matter which kind i just pick anything up. For my face I use CeraVe AM which has sunscreen in it.

PONY RYDER: Do you know any beauty tricks or advice that would help women out there? 

LIZA GOLDEN: I go to Tribeca skin center and get a salicylic acid peel every few months. My dermatologist recommends that for me. Helps to kill acne and take away dark spots and just give you a fresh glow. It costs about $175. As a model I have to do these things and it's a tax write off, but there are at home methods available if that’s too expensive. That’s my beauty trick...

And my advice is use vitamin E oil & make sure to take Omega 3 vitamins everyday. 

I also drink 2 liters of water a day, it really helps to keep your skin glowing, fresh, and healthy. Nothing worse then dehydrated skin.

PH William Lords

PONY RYDER: Do you ever get a bad skin day? No? Never? Not Fair!
LIZA GOLDEN: YES!! I have had many bad skin days. 

PONY RYDER: Hard to believe!
LIZA GOLDEN: Whenever I eat junk food such as salty food, sodas, juices, chips, foods high in sugar, or just processed foods in general I break out all over. 

I try my best to steer clear of all of that and stick to lots of water, vitamins, fresh fruit, vegetables or salads, and protein along with my beauty regime. 

PONY RYDER: How do you rejuvenate yourself? 

LIZA GOLDEN: I like to treat myself to a very long massage. I normally just spend $45 on a massage somewhere in the East Village, no specific places.

Trussardi SS2013

PONY RYDER: Make-up bag.

LIZA GOLDEN: In my makeup bag you can find:

PONY RYDER: Fragrance?
LIZA GOLDEN: My favorite Fragrances are Chanel Coromandel & Tom Ford Black Orchid.

PH William Lords

PONY RYDER: Casting bag.  
LIZA GOLDEN: My casting Bag is byPhillip Lim

PONY RYDER: Is it worth investing?
LIZA GOLDEN: Yes I do believe in investing in a great bag if you will actually use it day in and day out, otherwise it's pointless. I prefer not to carry a bag personally, but I have to because I need something to carry my heels and book.

GED Blog

PONY RYDER: Most comfortable high heels.
LIZA GOLDEN: My most comfortable high heels are actually Christian Louboutin believe it or not... Rock and gold is the name of the shoe. Its a bootie.

PONY RYDER: Dr. Martens for winter? Any other shoe brand?
LIZA GOLDEN: Honestly I have just been rocking Mizuno sneakers all winter long... They have good grip and very comfortable. I'm almost always in a pair of sneakers!

PONY RYDER: Favorite jeans brand?
LIZA GOLDEN: My favorite jean brands are Rag&Bone, Mother , blk dnm, and Ksubi :)

Freepeople lookbook

PONY RYDER: You looked divine in lookbook for Freepeople

LIZA GOLDEN: Ahhh I love Freepeople! I actually own some of their sweaters both in coral/white colors one is more of a wool type and the other is more of a top - both long sleeve and loose. 

I love loose clothing. You will rarely catch me in skin tight tops or outfits. So aggravating to me. 

Freepeople also has adorable socks and super cute dresses...I could buy everything in the store. Ha-ha

Freepeople lookbook

PONY RYDER: Your top 3 love songs?
LIZA GOLDEN: Top 3 love songs? Hmm I'm not a love song type of person but.. Keith Urban for

PONY RYDER: Valentine's day is approcahing... are you spending it with special someone...?
LIZA GOLDEN: Yes I'm spending Valentines day with someone very special to me <3 font="" size="2">

PH Tim Zaragoza

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