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CODIE YOUNG: model interview

Posted on: 2013/03/02


Codie Young: "Modeling can set you up for life!" 

Photo: William Lords.
@ Busy Models Australia
@ Viva London & Paris
@ Why Not Milano



Q: Codie Hi!! First off, I am in love with your street style. You always look so effortless yet edgy, but always comfortable.  Has your style changed much since you started modelling?

CODIE YOUNG: I have been modelling full time for over 2 years now so my style before that was basically a school uniform or beach attire (togs, singlet, shorts, thongs).  My style has definitely changed, but I always wear comfortable clothes.  I don't see the point in wearing something impractical. 

Q: It seems like yesterday you were the exclusive first face for Ellery at MBFWA – so much has happened since then – what is your memory of that show? 

CODIE YOUNG: Not a whole lot hahaha, so long ago now - probably just hoping not to fall over. 

Q: You are in the middle of show season right now and just finished shows in NYFW – how did you go getting around in the snow? 

CODIE YOUNG: Wasn't really much snow, had a couple of days with a bit and one night that was kind of bad but nothing to complain about.  I was in NYC in the blizzard of 2010 so in comparison to the snow we had this fashion week, well let's just say there is no comparison - haha. 

Q: Do you prefer to open or close? 

CODIE YOUNG: I love opening shows.  Opening a show is always just that little bit more special because the designer has picked you to set the scene for the whole collection. That's a pretty big privilege. 

Q: Best music to walk to?

CODIE YOUNG: Depends on the collection. I feel the music should always relate to the clothing. If it’s a tough grungy collection it should have music to match. 

Q: What’s your favourite past time when you’re not modelling? You are an amazing artist.

CODIE YOUNG: Painting. It's sort of like a therapy for me I suppose. I could paint all day and never be bored. If I'm traveling I will draw, but I don't like it as much, which is unfortunate because I can't carry around painting supplies, they’re too heavy. Where- as drawing supplies are a lot easier to carry around.

Q: I’m sure you have so many amazing gifts from designers you have worked with, what’s your most treasured item? 

CODIE YOUNG: I wouldn't call them gifts even though on the odd occasion we will get gifts. Most of the things we get from designers are for trade, which means we are being paid in clothes instead of getting money. I actually don't have a most treasured item from a designer.  I guess at the end of the day clothes are just clothes. 

Valentino campaign

Q: Huge congratulations on the recent Valentino campaign - you look so beautiful! Your ethereal features were made for their clothing. What was it like to work with such a renowned fashion house? 

CODIE YOUNG: Thank you very much.  I really enjoyed shooting this campaign, the clothes are beautiful and working with Maria and Pier was really great. 

Q: You also have a wonderful relationship with Marc Jacobs – the Dot campaign seemed like a lot of fun! What was it like hanging out on an island with Dempsey and Juergen? Did you squeeze in a holiday while you were there?

CODIE YOUNG: This shoot was probably my favourite to date. We spent almost a week in the Maldives shooting and had so much time off in the day.  

Juergen shoots on a film camera so the sun was too bright before 2pm.  Juergen is really great to work with I love working with photographers who use film. 

I guess you could say we got a mini holiday since we had so much time in the day off. 

It was also great shooting with Dempsey I mean you don't do many jobs where you get to work with a friend! So it was great. We went snorkelling and drank cocktails overlooking the ocean in our spare time. It was a lot of fun. 

Marc Jacobs – the Dot campaign

Q: You have achieved so much in such a short time; it’s been incredible following you on the journey! If you could describe the experience so far in one word - what would it be?


Q: What’s your favourite thing to do in Paris?

CODIE YOUNG: My favourite thing to do when I'm in Paris is to go to second hand bookstores. You would actually be surprised how many English second hand bookstores they have!

Q: You are very proud of your Aussie `Straya’ heritage – what’s your favourite Australianism? 

CODIE YOUNG: Hanging out with the family having a BBQ and a drink. Also I love our Christmas, I wouldn't trade a hot Aussie Christmas for anything. 

Q: What’s your favourite thing to do when you get home?

CODIE YOUNG: When I go home to Australia my favourite is obviously hanging out with my family! I only go back to Australia twice a year so I always try and make the most of family time. But also the beach of course! They’re not the same anywhere else!

Q: You are based in London now, and as a vintage lover you must know all the good places to shop - can you spill any of your favourite haunts? 

CODIE YOUNG: Bricklane has some really great vintage stores anyone who visits London should take a good walk up and down as well as checking out the little side streets off Bricklane as well.  Stoke Newington Church Street also has some neat little vintage stores, as well as great cafes!

Q: What’s the most prized piece in your wardrobe right now? 

CODIE YOUNG: A vintage YSL jacket! Also bought some sick vintage boots a couple days ago that I love!

Q: If one song could describe you, what would it be?

CODIE YOUNG: Ironic by Alanis Morissette.  Anyone who knows me knows I can have some pretty bad luck, I have a very ironic life a lot of the time. 

A friend says I have either extremely great luck or extremely terrible luck; the really good with the bad balance each other out somehow.  

Like the song "an old man turned 98 won the lottery. Then died the next day" great luck with the bad - hahaha :)

Q: I love your red hair – how do you keep it so healthy and shiny? 

CODIE YOUNG: The hair dressers! The up keep for red hair is tremendous! I need to get it done every 4-6 weeks. 

Q: Your skin is flawless – beauty secrets?

CODIE YOUNG: Don't really have any secrets. Just wash and moisture my face every day. I love dermalogica, their stuff is great. Also `100% pure’ is a great brand, 100% all natural and vegan. 

Q: Is there really such a thing as `fashion week handbag essentials’? Do you have any tried and tested survival tips?

CODIE YOUNG: Yes I have a number of things that I always carry in my bag for shows!

Makeup remover wipes, moisturiser, soothing eye cream, band-aids!  Paw paw balm, tissues, some snacks (muesli bars, banana, dried fruits), head phones, and a book.

Ben Weller for Ponystep

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you could pass on to emerging models?

CODIE YOUNG: Don't take it too seriously, at the end of the day it’s just a job. 

Save as much money as you can! Modelling isn't a forever career like it used to be; so save as much money as you can whether it's to buy a house or travel etc. 

Be smart about your money, modeling can set you up for life! 

Thom Kerr for Black Magazine

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