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MEGAN IRWIN: model interview

Posted on: 2013/03/29


Megan Irwin: " I believe in clean healthy eating, drinking water and the benefits from goji berries, chia seeds and coconut oil."

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Q: You've been tagged by local media as the `next big thing' . How does it feel?
MEGAN IRWIN: I’m so flattered! It’s all so surreal to me.
Q: You were cast in the coveted David Jones Autumn Winter 13 launch show recently - were you nervous?
MEGAN IRWIN:  I think a little nerves are always good and healthy but I was more excited than anything :)
Q: You also personally met VS super, Miranda Kerr backstage - what was she like? 
MEGAN IRWIN:  She was lovely, It was so great getting to meet her.
Q: Be honest, did you practice your walk knowing you'd be strutting the same runway as Kerr? 
MEGAN IRWIN:  Haha… No I didn’t, it honestly didn’t enter my mind that she would even be there.  

Q: Your skin is flawless, not to mention your fabulous thick locks - spill your beauty secrets?
MEGAN IRWIN:  Thank you :) I believe in clean healthy eating, drinking 2-3 litres of water a day and the benefits from goji berries, chai seeds and coconut oil. 
Also I never sleep with makeup on! 
As I am always having my hair done, on my days off I always leave my hair natural- that means no blow dry, no straighter just a little Moroccan oil.
Q: Do you remember your first shoot? 
MEGAN IRWIN:  It was a really fun day! My mum and sister were there with me which made me feel really comfortable. I remember being quite nervous and really excited at the same time.
Q: How did you start modelling?
MEGAN IRWIN: I didn’t really “start” I kind of just fell into it and I’ve never looked back :)
Q: Your mum is gorgeous, has anyone from your family ever modeled?
MEGAN IRWIN: Mum did some modelling back in her hay-day. My sister was a model, it used to be so much fun when we got to work together but now she puts all her time and energy into her fashion label KIRSTY IRWIN.

ph. Mitch Mclennen

Q: Despite being a `fresh face' to the industry, you already have a Fashion Spot thread - how does it feel to already be known internationally without barely stepping outside Australia?
MEGAN IRWIN:  After only a few stints overseas already, I can’t believe the overwhelming response internationally.

Q: Are you friends with any other Australian models?

MEGAN IRWIN:  I have worked with many beautiful Aussie girls that I have formed great friendships with.
Q: Who is your favourite Australian model/why?
MEGAN IRWIN:  It’s so hard to choose a favourite, there are so many amazingly talented Australian models. 
I really look up to Elle Macpherson and Miranda Kerr... and not to mention I think Bambi’s a massive babe!

ph. Mitch Mclennen

Q: You have the most incredible lips...I bet you are told this alot... what celebrity have you been told you look like?

MEGAN IRWIN:  Oh thank you so much! Sadly I am yet to have found my doppelganger… Do you have one for me? 

Q: You'll know you've hit the big time when...
MEGAN IRWIN:  You’ve graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.
Q: If you could work with any brand, who would it be? 
MEGAN IRWIN:  Any?.. Any in the world?... Defiantly Chanel!
Q: What's your typical casting outfit?
MEGAN IRWIN:  I love to wear comfortable staples, something that shows your figure and your personality. Comfort is key!

Q: MBFWA is just around the corner, who do you hope to walk for?
MEGAN IRWIN:  I am very excited to be a part of MBFWA. Romance Was Born would definitely be one on the top of my list.
Q: How do you keep fit?
MEGAN IRWIN:  Walking around to castings keeps you pretty fit. Always keeping active is important.
Q: What's your favourite food? and indulgence?

MEGAN IRWIN:  I love Japanese food!! My indulgence would be dark chocolate and ice-cream.

Q: Do you live by the Miranda Kerr 80/20 rule?
MEGAN IRWIN:  80/20?.. Oh, I just googled it… I get it now.

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Q: Fave shoes?
MEGAN IRWIN:  Boots & converse
Q: Jeans?MEGAN IRWIN:  Black skinny legs.
Q: Perfume?MEGAN IRWIN:  Lancome La Vie Est Belle & Tom Ford.

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