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NOMA HAN: model interview

Posted on: 2013/03/14


Noma Han: Life without stress!!!

by Richard Pier Petit


Ph: Renato Amado

PR: Breakfast?
NOMA HAN: Bagel usually. I love it.

PR: Gym time.
NOMA HAN: Around 1 pm.

PR: Exercise.
NOMA HAN: Abs – arms - shoulders and back

PR: Food.
NOMA HAN: I love eating Korean food.

PR: Cooking.
NOMA HAN: I usually cook Korean food for my friends and I believe I cook good , haha

Ph: Darryl Calmese

PR: Model start.
NOMA HAN:  My first roommate in NY was a photographer and he took some pictures of me and sent them to agencies and I got signed.

PR: Model look.
NOMA HAN: At first  I wasn't edgy at all, then I fell in love with tattoos, so here I am now :)  

PR: Confidence.
NOMA HAN:  When I was young I was a really shy person, I didn't have girlfriend for a long time because I was too shy to talk to one. But after I started modeling, I started to change.

PR: Describe yourself as a model, in 3 words?

PR: English language.  
NOMA HAN: I'm still learning, first I started talking to people then I went to language school but that didn't really help, so I stopped going and I just talk to people more.

Diesel Black Gold

PR: Future.
NOMA HAN: I wanna be a tattoo artist !!! Yes definitely, tattoos are also some form of fashion.

PR: 3 key things you do to look after yourself?
NOMA HAN: Food, Friends, Working out.
I know these are not really „things“ but they are important in order not to get stressed.

Dries van Noten

PR: Casting bag.
NOMA HAN: It's by American Apparel, because their bags are light, colorful and cheap!!!

PR: Sneakers vs. boots?
NOMA HAN: Definitely boots, I don't have a favorite brand but I love well made boots.
PR: Clothing store.

NOMA HAN: American Apparel!!!! So goood HAHA

PR: Favorite jacket.
NOMA HAN: Vintage Jacket from my friend Soyoung Kang  

PR: Jeans.
NOMA HAN: Levi's

Ph: Taea Thale for NY Times
PR: Skincare regime.
NOMA HAN: Kiehl's : moisturizer, toner, suncream

PR: Are Koreans as obsessed with aging as westerns?
NOMA HAN: Yes they are, that's why there are so many aging products & plastic surgery!!!

PR: Hair products.  
NOMA HAN: Hair gel – the one that is not too sticky. I hate hard gel and wax.


PR: Favorite locations in NY:

PR: Beer.
NOMA HAN: Guinness (

PR: Pizza.
NOMA HAN: Artichoke 

PR: Favorite dessert place.
NOMA HAN: Spot Dessert Bar - Lava cake!!! (

PR: Best Korean food in NY.
NOMA HAN: Hard to say. There are so many good places !!! 32nd St pretty much wherever.

Fusion models NYC

PR: Life philosophy.
NOMA HAN: Life without stress.

PR: Easy to approach?

PR: What can attract you? 

PR: iPod.  
NOMA HAN: I don't listen to music really. Well, sometimes Pandora Radio & Jazz music.

PR: Are you taken?
NOMA HAN: Yes, totally, it's been a while.
hero-zine backstage at LACOSTE

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