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HANNAH SAUL: model interview

Posted on: 2013/04/12


Hannah Saul: "Don’t trash your body with bad food and then expect maximum performance"


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Q. How important is it for a model to maintain her fitness? 
HANNAH SAUL: Being a woman your body changes so quickly when growing up and you need to keep on top of your exercise regime to never let yourself get out of shape.

Being a model you are constantly in the public eye. You’re constantly living on call, so your body has to be swimwear/lingerie ready all the time.

In saying that, you need to be a role model. You are that inspiration for the younger generations to be fit, strong and healthy whilst looking toned and slim not creating an image that to be skinny you have to starve yourself!

Q. How often do you work out? 
HANNAH SAUL:I work out 5- 6 times a week. Two Days consists of pilates and strength/ resistance training. The other days are high intensity cardio, agility and weight training.

I finish every workout with 15-30 minutes of abdominal work and stretching to cool down. I also love to jump in the sauna for 5 minutes at the end for maximum muscle recovery.

Q. What's your workout playlist sound like?

HANNAH SAUL:Currently it’s filled with a lot of Skrillex, Rihanna, Nero and Nicki Minaj...anything that gets me pumped to push myself that little bit harder!
I also love working out to the Ministry of Sound Running Trax compilations.

Q. You work in an industry where you're constantly scrutinised for your appearance. Does that ever affect you?

HANNAH SAUL: It does affect you, I am noticing it more so now but I have to come to realise you will NEVER please everyone. If you are happy with yourself and the reflection you see in the mirror it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about you or your body.

One thing I have learnt in this industry is to not take criticism too personally, it will always be there but you have to be confident with who you are and what you have to offer the world and have the strength to shut it out!

Q. How would you describe your food philosophy?

HANNAH SAUL: My food philosophy is that what you put into your body is what you get out! I live such an active lifestyle so I need foods that are going to sustain me throughout the day and not just crash and burn.

Everything in moderation stops your body from craving all of those unhealthy foods and consuming them all at once, then regretting doing so. 

I personally have Sunday as my treat day where I eat whatever I feel like which is always pancakes for breaky! We all enjoy eating our favorite chocolates, cheeses or desserts... it just a matter of turning healthy living into a lifestyle and you can have your treat & not feel bad about it!

Q. What does your daily diet consist of? Do you follow Miranda Kerr's 80/20 rule?

HANNAH SAUL: I definitely try to follow the 80/20 diet rule!
My daily diet usually consists of muesli and yoghurt with fresh fruit for breakfast with a fresh juice or smoothie.
I have a light lunch then lots of vegetables /protein / salads for dinner. I also avoid carbohydrates at night if possible!
Q. What is your one weakness when it comes to food?
HANNAH SAUL: My one weakness in food is cheese! I love all different cheeses! Also chocolate.... I LOVEEEE chocolate! ;-)

Q. Do you take any vitamins or supplements? 

HANNAH SAUL: I take spirulina tablets along with a Women’s multi vitamin in the morning.
For supplements I have a pre-workout drink - Infrared NRG. This maximises energy production and performance by supplying and delivering fast and slow release fuel, crucial amino acids and electrolytes to the muscles and brain.

With this I take L-Carnitine. This amino is vital for anyone with a goal of fat loss as it will greatly enhance your fat burning potential and create that ripped lean physique.

Also protein is extremely important for me with the amount of time I spend working out, I currently take PEPT-1 ULTRABURN as it assists with muscle recovery, building LEAN muscle and gives me increased energy. ULRTABURN is new product for me and I absolutely love it!

Q. What is your advice to new models who are unsure about what fitness or health routine to follow?

HANNAH SAUL: My advice is always try to mix up your training so you don’t get bored in the gym! There is a lot of great classes now you can attend and group exercise is the best motivation!

Listen to your body and do what suits you, find a training buddy who has the same goals as you and work together.

For health it’s all common sense. Don’t trash your body with bad food and then expect maximum performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re not super strict or have the time to be working out every day, just be consistent with yourself and your goals.

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