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Posted on: 2013/05/03


Livia Pillmann - The Model Interview

AGENCIES: FACE model HU m/a - WHY NOT Milano - VIVA Paris/London

Height: 179 - 5' 10.5"
Note: Interview with Livia took place during her stay in Tokyo


PR: How is it in Tokyo Livia?

LIVIA PILLMANN: It's really nice here, this is my very first time in Asia but I like it a lot. A big surprise  for me was the atmosphere and the behavior of the local people, it's so much different from Europe. Japanese people are patient, always smiling to you, even if they have a bad day. 

PR: How long are you staying in Tokyo
LIVIA PILLMANN: I'm staying here for 2 months. 

PR: Which airline did you choose for Tokyo? 
LIVIA PILLMANN: I flew with Qatar Airlines and I was totally satisfied with them, I'm sure I will choose them on my way back home as well. 

PR: Do you ever buy anything at airports? We just love them!
LIVIA PILLMANN: Yes, I like airports and whenever I have a bit time to look around in the airport I always find something :) Usually I buy beauty products, perfumes and souvenirs.

PR: Biggest cultural shock in Tokyo:  
LIVIA PILLMANN: Japanese people are so patient, they are always really nice with you

I haven't see before any other big city which is as clean as Tokyo,  despite of the fact that you can't find a garbage can at every corner, only at the supermarket. 

PR: Japanese Food. 
LIVIA PILLMANN: Yes, I like Japanese food! I'm so excited about the food,  I would like to try every specialty. At the moment my favorite is sushi! 

PR: Starbucks choice.
LIVIA PILLMANN: Actually I'm not crazy about Starbucks, but when I go I usually have a caramell macchiato

PR: Bottled water.
LIVIA PILLMANN: I always drink Evian, so I was happy to find it in Tokyo as well

PR: Modeling start... 
LIVIA PILLMANN: I went to the capital to do some shopping, when my mother agent found me in the tube. She gave me her card and it was already the third time when somebody asked me to get into modeling, so I decided to give a try and that's how everything begun. My very first shooting was on my 16th birthday.

PR: Favorite Hungarian designer:
LIVIA PILLMANN:  Nanushka and Abodi dora

PR: Shopping in Tokyo.
LIVIA PILLMANN: I'm not planning any serious shopping in Tokyojust random shoppings if I see some crazy stuff which I can't miss! :)

PR: What would we be surprised to find in your refrigerator?
LIVIA PILLMANN: Haha I don't know! I'm trying to eat healthy food, in my fridge you can find mostly vegetables and fruits. 

PR: Breakfast.
LIVIA PILLMANN: I eat most of the time cereals and fruits for breakfast, here they eat cabbage salad,rice and soup for breakfast.. But I couldn't eat that in the morning.

PR: What are your go-to snacks when you are busy?
LIVIA PILLMANN: I usually have muesli bar and fruits as snacks... 

PR: And in Tokyo?
LIVIA PILLMANN: Here I eat as snack onigiri, it contains rice and has different tastes  such as tuna or vegetables, its really delicious

PR: You’ve sat in many a makeup chair – have you picked up any amazing tips along the way?

LIVIA PILLMANN: Yes, I picked up so many tips along the way. I always try to learn new tricks from the make-up artists. 
Here in Japan the make-up artists always give you a face massage before starting the makeup, which makes your face relaxed and fresh. I think they should do massages everywhere else in the world! 
Another thing what I picked up here that Japanese people spend the same time to put on the makeup and to remove their makeup and hydrate the face.

PR: Lip Balm. 
LIVIA PILLMANN: I use  8hour cream from Elizabeth Arden, I tried out many brands but it is the best!

PR: What do you use for your hair at the moment? 
LIVIA PILLMANN: I use at the moment moisturizing shampoo and balsam from Shiseido, and hair oil.

PR: Your usual summer holiday destination? 

LIVIA PILLMANN: When I was younger, we use to go to Italy in the summer. Nowadays I'm happy to spend one month in the summer at home with my family, I usually go to festivals in Hungary.

All photos are taken from FACE MODELS website. 

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