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Posted on: 2013/05/22


Zoe Colivas - The Model Interview

@ Sutherland Models m/a    

Canadian - Height 5'11
Glow Magazine / Photos by Alvaro Goveia

PONY RYDER: How did you become a model? Who scouted you?
ZOE COLIVAS: Ann Sutherland, owner of Sutherland Models in Toronto (My amazing mother agency!!!), scouted me when I was 12 years old. At the time I was too young, but once I was 15 years old I began doing some work in Toronto, I immediately loved it and as soon as I was 16 I began to travel.  

PONY RYDER: Your favorite Canadian model?
ZOE COLIVAS: My favorite Canadian model would have to be Coco Rocha. She is so influential in the modeling world. 
Although I have never met her she seems to have stayed very true to herself, something I hope to maintain throughout my modeling career. 
She has walked  for the most prestigious designers, has been on the covers of the top fashion magazines and has been the face of numerous campaigns. 
Meanwhile she is an activist and does tons of charitable work. I look up to her as she has made such a major impact on the world of fashion and I hope to do the same some day. 

PONY RYDER: You favorite career moment so far...
ZOE COLIVAS: My favorite career moment so far would have to be shooting W magazine with Patrick Demarchelier. I had always dreamt of working with him, so it was a pretty big deal for me. 
It has also been walking for some of the most incredible designers in New York, London, Milan and Paris, such as walking for Prada Spring/Summer 2013. 

Prada SS13
PONY RYDER: So will we see you in some sort of wedges this season, something similar to Prada's?
ZOE COLIVAS: I love the Prada wedges for the Spring season, but your more likely to see me this summer in my converse running shoes. 

PONY RYDER: What is fashion like in Canada? 
ZOE COLIVAS: Fashion in Canada is definitely underestimated. There are amazingly talented designers that I believe should be exposed on a worldwide level. 
In Canada fashion is not perceived as a big deal and we have fewer opportunities to prove ourselves as a fashion destination.

PONY RYDER: Favorite Canadian designer?
ZOE COLIVAS: My favorite Canadian designer is Beaufille, previously named Chloe comme Parris. Their clothes are grungy and boyish, which is totally my style. If I could I would love to wear their entire collection!

PONY RYDER: Favorite store in Toronto?

ZOE COLIVAS: Jac Flash, Top Shop and Zara. 

Ph: Joel Esposito

PONY RYDER: Staple pieces in your wardrobe.
ZOE COLIVAS: I couldn’t live without 
PONY RYDER: Favorite jeans?
ZOE COLIVAS: Free people, Zara and JBrand 

PONY RYDER: Leather jacket 
ZOE COLIVAS: Vintage leather jacket I found on Queen Street in Toronto

PONY RYDER: Dresses.
ZOE COLIVAS: I love wearing dresses in the summer. My favorites are from Top Shop, BCBG and Zara. 

PONY RYDER: Every-day shoes 
ZOE COLIVAS: In the colder weather my favorite shoes are my Michael Kors knee high boots and in the warm weather my converse running shoes. 

ZOE COLIVAS: I have so many favorite heels that I hope to one day own, but at the moment my favorite shoes in my closet are by  Camilla SkovGaard

ZOE COLIVAS: Kusmi Tea from Paris and when I travel I always bring Sleepy Time Chamomile tea to remind me of the comforts of home. 

PONY RYDER: Breakfast.
ZOE COLIVAS: I always try my best to have breakfast, since it’s the most important meal of the day. Usually I will have fruits, nuts and oatmeal, and on a busy day I’ll grab an energy bar and an apple.

PONY RYDER: Sugary indulgence.
ZOE COLIVAS: I avoid sugar except for my occasional favorite treat, strawberries and Nutella. 

PONY RYDER: Favorite patisserie in Toronto.
ZOE COLIVAS: Patisserie Sebastien has the best croissants in Toronto, almost as good as the croissants in Paris.

PONY RYDER: Which world cuisine is your favorite?
ZOE COLIVAS: Such a difficult question, I have so many favorite meals from everywhere I’ve had the opportunity to travel. 
Although I would have to say Paris cuisine is my favorite. 
I love Nutella and banana crepes, and… actually I love everything!!!!

PONY RYDER: Salmon. Yes or no?
ZOE COLIVAS: Yes to Salmon!! 
Smoked salmon in a salad, raw salmon in sushi or baked salmon with roasted potatoes and cherry tomatoes. 

PONY RYDER: Favorite restaurant in Toronto? 
ZOE COLIVAS: I love Joeys. T
hey have the most amazing edimames and Milagro, has the best guacamole and fish tacos. 

PONY RYDER: Fast food.
ZOE COLIVAS: I am not a fan of fast food, but when Im craving fries, my favorites are McDonalds. 

PONY RYDER: Healthy snack.
ZOE COLIVAS: I love Kale chips especially the Jalepeno flavour
They are my absolute favorite. I also like Cliff bars and almonds with dried fruit. 
They are good, healthy snacks when I am busy and rushing around especially during show season. 
Ph: Joel Esposito
ZOE COLIVAS: To stay in shape I do Hot Yoga as often as I can and I walk everywhere. I like to wear Lululemon workout clothes and my Nike running shoes while working out.

ZOE COLIVAS: I wash my face every night before going to sleep, I use 

PONY RYDER: Make up.
ZOE COLIVAS: I don’t wear much makeup but when I do I like to keep it natural, I use 

PONY RYDER: Did you hear any good advice backstage concerning make up?
ZOE COLIVAS: I have learnt so much about makeup, mostly from watching the makeup artists. I always ask them questions and tips about makeup products and how to apply it. 

PONY RYDER: Hair products.
PONY RYDER: Song List.

  • Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko, 
  • On top of the world by Imagine Dragons
  • and Same Love by Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis. 

ZOE COLIVAS: In my grade 11 English class I am reading Catcher In The Rye and Macbeth. 

PONY RYDER: Ryan Gosling? 
ZOE COLIVAS: Channing Tatum!!!!!!!

J.W Anderson F/W 13.14 London

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