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When I went to my fitting and saw Alex Perry there I was definitely star struck

Posted on: 2013/06/06


Eliza Baker: The Model Interview

Mother Agent @Busy Models
Sydney @ Vivien's Models

Busy Models


Q: You were discovered at 14 by Summer at Busy Models in a parking lot, did it surprise you? 

ELIZA BAKER: 13 turning 14 at the Gold Coast convention centre at a careers expo, I wasn’t planning on going to....Yes it did surprise me. 

Q: What was it like to be scouted?
ELIZA BAKER: It kind of gives you a boost of confidence in a way.

Q: When Summer first found you, you were 5'8" and now you are easily 5'11" - your legs are incredible 

ELIZA BAKER: I know I am 5’11 now. Haha thank you! 

Q: BTW - how does it feel to be the girl on top? 
ELIZA BAKER:I don’t really know what I am feeling, I don’t really think of myself as being the girl ‘on top’ haha I just think of myself as a normal girl.

Busy Models

Q: How do you maintain your body and health? 

ELIZA BAKER: I do sport at school which I would say is my fitness and I love my food too much to say no to it!  
So I eat what is in front of me but I make sure I don’t overeat and I do watch my portion sizes.  I love salads so I guess that’s a good thing.

AJE show

Q: Despite this year only being your second time at MBFWA, you were listed by The Sunday Telegraph ( ) as one of the most in demand models, walking a total of 17 shows including Camilla and Marc, Maticevski and closing the Aje show - how did it feel to be so highly sought after? 

ELIZA BAKER: I couldn’t believe it to be honest....It always amazes me to hear people talking about me like that.

Q: New York is calling, any plans to venture there soon? 

ELIZA BAKER: I really want to focus on school at the moment and enjoy it while I can.  If modeling takes off when I finish school I guess I will go and do as much as I can, and if not then I know that it isn’t my calling in life.

Q: Who did you meet backstage? 

ELIZA BAKER: I met a lot of amazing people backstage, all the designers such as Alex Perry and Aje.  When I went to my fitting and saw Alex Perry there I was definitely star struck.

Q: For those who have never walked a runway, can you describe what it feels like to take to the catwalk with all eyes watching? 

ELIZA BAKER: It definitely is an amazing moment as you know all eyes are on you.  Sometimes all I hear is myself breathing but most of the time I hear people complimenting the clothes and also all the cameras taking pictures of feel important I guess, haha.

Q: Does it feel strange after all the glamour, lights, camera, action of FW to put a uniform back on and head back to school? 

ELIZA BAKER: It’s hard to get back into school mode because I have been so busy with fashion week and now I have assignments to catch up on and the pile just keeps growing!

Q: Your school formal will be coming up soon, have you got your eyes set on a designer dress? 

ELIZA BAKER: I have found my formal dress and I love’s not a designer dress but I love it:)

Q: What is your ultimate goal in modelling for the future?
ELIZA BAKER: My goal for modelling is to get on the cover of Vogue.  I think that would be cool, haha but I’m pretty happy with what I have achieved already.

Q: When you're not modelling, are you super casual? 

ELIZA BAKER: I am super casual...I never wear makeup if I don’t have to and my wardrobe consists of shirts, shorts and flip flops......I guess I’m a Gold Coast Girl.

Q: If modelling doesn't work out, I will...?

ELIZA BAKER: I would love to become a nurse, that’s been my dream since I was 15.

Q: Runway or editorial? 


Q: Favourite song/singer is...

ELIZA BAKER:  I love the band Fun J

Q: I’ve been told I look like… 
ELIZA BAKER: I’ve been told I look like Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Hawkins...I can’t really see it, I just see Eliza.


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