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Posted on: 2013/10/14


Amelia Schubert: "I live on a farm and my interest was riding motor bikes"

@ IMG Worldwide
@ M/A @ Pride Models
Red11 New Zealand
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Q: How were you discovered? 
Amelia Schubert: A friend suggested I approach Pride Models in South Australia and this was the start of my career. 

Q: Did you always want to be a model? 
Amelia Schubert: I didn’t always want to be a model, I live on a farm and my interest was riding motor bikes, I was a bit of a Tom Boy, but from the age of 12, I developed an interest in fashion and liked to see models in magazines and wanted to be a model from then.

Q: How do you maintain your physique? 
Amelia Schubert: I run, go surfing and do yoga but also I eat a balanced, healthy diet

Q: There was a heap of negative press about skinny models during the recent MBFWA, what's your take on that? Can you set the record straight?
Amelia Schubert: Some models, and women in general, are naturally thin due to a fast metabolism. As long as they have a healthy and well balanced diet there shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: You were a busy girl at MBFWA, it seemed like you were on every runway - what designers did you walk for?
Amelia Schubert:White Sands Swimwear, Event Group and AJE

Q: Who were your favourites?
Amelia Schubert: My favourite show was White Sands.

Q: Did you walk away with a swag of designer gifts? 
Amelia Schubert: I came away with Redken hair products.

Q: All of the great Australian runway models were here for MBFWA including Saint Laurent face Julia Nobis and Marc Jacobs muse Ruby Jean Wilson - what was it like to be among fashion royalty?
Amelia Schubert: I was very proud to be part of this event, It was such a buzz!! But unfortunately I didn’t meet any of these people backstage, hopefully next time.

Q: What's one of your most memorable moments during the week?
Amelia Schubert:: My proudest and most memorable moment was when I opened and closed the show for White Sands.

Q: How do you keep your skin and body in good health during such a hectic week? 
Amelia Schubert: I use "Rose hip oil" on my skin, I eat healthily and drink plenty of water mixed with Chia seeds. I always have at least 8 hours sleep!

Q: You have featured in several issues of RUSSH magazine now - what was it like to work with that team?
Amelia Schubert: I had so much fun working with the RUSSH team, I had worked with the photographer James Nelson before, hes great! That was one of my favourite shoots in Sydney.

Q: When it comes to style, are you a labels girl?
Amelia Schubert: I’m more of a high low mix girl. I’m not a big label girl.

Q: You are signed to IMG models Australia, but this agency is international, are there any plans to send you overseas?

Amelia Schubert: I feel so honoured to be signed with IMG models! Yes there are plans for overseas, Japan is on the cards soon, and hopefully Europe later this year. I have already worked in New Zealand with RED11 which I loved.

Q: What is your ultimate indulgence?
Amelia Schubert: This would have to be chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Q: Current obsession?
Amelia Schubert: Surfing, which I took up while I was living at Bondi Beach.

Q: Favourite film of all time?
Amelia Schubert: Fast and Furious

Q: Kanye or Bieber?
Amelia Schubert: Kayne for sure!

Q: If this modelling gig doesn’t work out, I will…
Amelia Schubert:: Study hard to become a paramedic or midwife.

Q: Runway or editorial?
Amelia Schubert: Runway which seems to be my thing, but I also love editorial
Q: I’m currently listening to…
Amelia Schubert: Kayne West

Q: My celebrity crush is…
Amelia Schubert: Channing Tatum

Q: I’ve been told I look like…
Amelia Schubert: Gisele Bundchen


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