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Posted on: 2013/10/31

Valentino 13.14 FW

 Jemma Baines: "Personality is just as 

important as your look."

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Q: It's incredible to see how far you've come since you were discovered at 2010 Girlfriend Rimmel Model, how has your life changed? 
JEMMA BAINES: My life has changed dramatically. I see so much of the world and treated so well. It's hard to comprehend that only 1 year and a half  ago I was dreaming about what it would be like to travel the world as a model and meet the designers behind luxury brands. I work nearly everyday and enjoy so many different experiences from talking to models from around the world to dining with clients at fancy restaurants. 
Q: Do you think you'd be modelling even if you didn't win? 
JEMMA BAINES:I have never thought about it but I think now I still would have pursued modelling but not titled a model this rapidly. I was extremely lucky that Girlfriend magazine and several other magazines followed with interest to shoot me after my win. I was only 16 at the time and I had a lot of developing and experience ahead.
Q: You have walked for the best luxury houses in the world including Valentino and Chanel - what has been a highlight? 
JEMMA BAINES: Working with Chanel has been the biggest highlight. The French house treats the models like princesses and Karl is very charismatic with a really warm personality. It makes working for Chanel very enjoyable and a highlight in my fashion season.


Q: How does it feel to be considered Karl's muse? 
JEMMA BAINES: I feel absolutely honoured to be working with Karl. Being such a powerful figure in the industry he can have any model that he wants. To think that he chose me to represent and embody a Chanel woman is surreal and exciting.
Q: Chanel is one of the most coveted shows to be cast in, what are the clothes like up close? 
JEMMA BAINES: The garments created at Chanel have so much depth to them and it has a long line of hands to pass before it's announced to be fit for the show and sale. The clothes designed by Karl are both intricate and chic, they are exciting to wear and always leave you questioning how it was done. 
Q: And backstage at a Chanel show to any other show? 
JEMMA BAINES: Likewise, backstage is equally amazing as each girl is looked after and they have the best hair and make up teams working on us. The breakfast buffet on the show morning is well known around the model world and the Chanel staff are a dream to work with. Working for Chanel isn't work.

Q: In our last interview you said you were interested in rocks and seismology... Will you pursue this? 
JEMMA BAINES: Maybe one day but as I model more I come across so many other jobs that I would love to pursue, one being learning to cook raw vegan or even becoming an actress. 
I love working in this industry at the moment but the more people I meet the more I learn about other potential jobs.
Q: What is your dream job? 
JEMMA BAINES: I am doing it right now, I could not be more happier.
Q: You are also a big Greyhound fan, with two Italian greyhounds of your own? 
JEMMA BAINES: Yes I have two IG's Opal and Fern and they are patiently waiting at home in Australia for my return. With their dreamy expressions and liquid eyeliner eyes its hard not to love them. They are very loyal bed warmers and they keep the same curiosity of a puppy for life. 

Q: It seems only yesterday you were a fresh face on the Australian modelling scene, now you are in demand across the world - what has surprised you the most about your new career? 
JEMMA BAINES: I realised how last minute everything is in this industry. It's very exciting but nerve racking. Your future has no plan in this industry, miracles can happen in a matter of seconds.
Q: You document everything on your blog, Cheddars Cruel World ...
JEMMA BAINES: I began my blog at the beginning of the year with a lot of pressure from my mum. Originally, it was for her to keep up with my adventures but lately I have gathered a following of interested fashion people and friends. 
I just write, from my perspective about what happens during my travels. 
Q: And the name of the blog?
JEMMA BAINES: The name of my blog comes from my nick name Cheddar, given by my mum.
Blugirl 13.14. campaign

Q: You wrote about one show giving you the wrong shoe size, a 38 when you are a 40 sounds painful! 
JEMMA BAINES: It's extremely uncomfortable but you only walk for about 30 seconds, majority of the pain is endured backstage while waiting for the crowds to be seated. If you leave them on for long enough you lose the feeling in the front of your feet and it isn't a problem anymore, you get used to it.

Q: What is your message to young girls aspiring to your model status?  
JEMMA BAINES: Personality is just as important as your look.

Q: Any beauty secrets? 
JEMMA BAINES: I was very lucky that from a young age my mother looked after my skin a lot and protected me from the sun, reminding me endlessly to reapply it on my skin. Prevention, in my mind is definitely the key. 
Right now I try to prevent and maintain using Everyday face and South Australian beauty products like Jurlique for my face. 
Also, Orlando Pita (famous hair stylists) advised not washing your hair for 3 or more days to allow the natural oils to rehabilitate the hair follicles and strands, and it works!!
David Roemer for Grazia France
Q: You once said your biggest style influence was Karl Lagerfeld. 
JEMMA BAINES: As long as Karl Lagerfeld creates clothes he will not only influence my style but how much I spend on clothes as well.
Q: Will you be back down under to walk MBFWA? 
JEMMA BAINES: If not for Australian fashion week but to see my mum, dad and my IG's.
Q: Who are some of your favourite model gal pals? 
JEMMA BAINES: My model girls are Nicole Pollard, Valentina Sykes, Emily Jean and Gracie Van Gastel.
Q: Who are some of the new faces you predict will be big names? 
JEMMA BAINES: I think my Australian girl Nicole Pollard will take the world by storm and newbie Sasha Luss from Russia will do exceptional.

Q: What have been your favourite fashion shows this AW 13/14 season? 
JEMMA BAINES: My favourite shows of the season would be Nina Ricci and Chanel.
Q: What is the most prized possession in your wardrobe right now? 
JEMMA BAINES: Nothing at the moment. You can't have many nice things, they get crushed and damaged during fashion week.
Q: What has been the best gift from a designer? 
JEMMA BAINES: Skin care products from Chanel.

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