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Posted on: 2014/08/21

Ph: Alasdair McLellan | Plain Song
PONY RYDER: You are from OC, aren't you? So let's talk about „The Real Housewives of Orange County“ –of course. 

ATHENA WILSON: No I don't watch it, but from what I can tell, it's about a small portion of what Orange County is about. 
When you live there, you see all parts of the Southern California 'lifestyle'.
I have experienced what everyone probably relates with "The OC": private schools, nannies, hummers, botox, boob jobs, blond extensions, juicy sweatsuits, sparkly uggs... But I have also experienced searching for sea glass by the train station, the local flipflop business, the dads and sons going out to surf before work and school. Then I experienced everything in between, too. I went to art high school, met incredible people, went to house shows and last minute 'festivals', and did some of the best thrift store shopping ever. 
Orange county has a plastic side, but there are so many great things that get pushed out of the spotlight because of television and the need for 'drama'. I actually love Orange County, spacifically my town San Clemente. I hope it stays small. I hope it stays as authentic as it can. But I know things are changing. 

PR: What is your connection to Greece?  
ATHENA WILSON: I am half Greek, on my mothers side. My fathers side is Scandinavian, blond haired and blue eyed. 

PR: Greek heritage is inspiration behind your name?
ATHENA WILSON: The name Athena came to my grandfather in a dream.

PR: Have you ever been to Greece? 
ATHENA WILSON: Im planning on going to Greece for the first time next summer! I've been practicing my Greek, but I'm still better at listening than speaking.

PR: Gyros and Baklava! Pretty good food for summer I would say. But you are a Vegan!
ATHENA WILSON: I never really liked lamb, but there's a place called Surfin Souvlaki back in California that makes a good vegan gyro. Definitely summer food! I made vegan baklava last easter, they were very delicious.

PR: Why vegan? Why not Raw Vegan? 
ATHENA WILSON: I went vegan because I do not feel entitled to use an animal for my personal gain when I am completely healthy without it. 
Raw food is nice for snacks, but I find eating it as an entire meal is uncomfortably filling, actually, because of the way the foods expand in your stomach. Also, many vegetables (such as kale and cruciferous types) are digested more easily when cooked, which means you absorb more of their nutrients. 

PR: Fav Vegan place! 
ATHENA WILSON: mmm… Beyond Sushi. The Mighty Mushroom roll. The roll of the month is always so good.

PR: FAV Vegan chef!
ATHENA WILSON: Hm…I think my mom is a fantastic cook - anything she makes is wholesome and delicious without using anything processed or fake.
I don't really like fake meats and animal products, and she uses a lot of home grown herbs and vegetables. Honestly, I would rather have my moms cooking than any restaurant, even if I didn't know she made it, it just IS more delicious than anything.

Takay for ELLE France
PR: Do you take any additional proteins? 
ATHENA WILSON: I take a vitamin supplement daily but get my protein from beans, grains, mushrooms and nuts

PR: Do you ever use raw cacao in your diet? 
ATHENA WILSON: I like it in smoothies when I want them to taste more like a milkshake, I use cacao, banana, almond milk, and maybe some dates. I got a Vitamix for Christmas, and it's the best utility ever!

PR: I guess you've seen Food INC. documentary. It's actually very scary when you hear how Monsanto is growing and „normal“ farmers can't keep up with that pace. It's all about the profit. 
ATHENA WILSON: Yeah, people suck. But there's a lot of awareness nowadays, or at least much more than decades or even just a few years ago.

PR: Do you think Juicing is just a trend?
ATHENA WILSON: I think juicing is great, but that people often don't do enough research on how to go about it. 
I've done juice cleanses before but made the juice at home always, it's much less expensive and you can be sure everything is grown organically. I use only vegetables, because i don't like sweet fruit juices. I prefer using a vitamix to juicing because it uses the whole fruit or vegetable- more fiber and nutrients, less wasted material!

Thierry LeGoues for 
PR: What do you like to do to stay fit? 
ATHENA WILSON: I hate going to a 'gym' every day. Instead, I walk everywhere, and do yoga and pilates at home. Nothing too crazy, but if I do go a few days without strength training, I feel depleted and slow.

PR: Do you use SPF?
ATHENA WILSON: I always wear sunscreen when I go outside, not even just in summer! I use a moisturizing sunscreen on my face from La roche posay and reapply often. My skin tans very quickly because of my mediterranean background. But I like that too because I never really burn.

PR: Bikini.
ATHENA WILSON: My mom actually just bought me a bikini from a brand called Jolyn - I love their suits because they're sporty, sexy, and come in really saturated colors. Black is for winter, in the summer I love wearing color.

PR: Sunglasses. 
ATHENA WILSON: I lose all my sunglasses so I usually buy vintage ones that aren't too expensive but that are one of a kind. I do love my Marc Jacobs ones that I got my first season - haven't lost those yay 

PR: An item in your closet you could never part with? 
ATHENA WILSON: My wingtip oxfords. I've had them so long the maker isn't visible anymore, they've been resoled four times. 

PR: High heels. 
ATHENA WILSON: I don't wear high heels every day, they're usually for work. I buy top quality and take care of them. I like Chloé and Miu Miu. They're interesting, feminine, and classic without being too loud, girly, or boring.  

PR: Beauty regime.  
ATHENA WILSON: I'm very simple, low maintenance. I get a facial every six weeks, and wash my face twice a day, and always wear moisturizer with SPF.

PR: Since becoming vegan, do you see any changes in your skin and health?
ATHENA WILSON: I just feel better. I'm also more inclined to choose a healthier snack like carrots and hummus over one like bread, even though bread is mostly vegan, I don't really crave those things. 

PR: Make-up.
ATHENA WILSON: I'm simple- a little mascara or some gold shadow around the eye so I look more awake.

House of Holland SS 2014
PR: You don’t look like someone who listens to Bob Sinclar. Am I right?
ATHENA WILSON: That is entirely correct, I had to Google him just now… His videos are really something. 

PR: HAHAHHA, now i have to google him! What is your type of music?

ATHENA WILSON: Type of music ... honestly I just like what I like, i know that's broad, but I can't say I like or dislike a certain genre because I'm sure I could find SOMETHING I like and something I dislike in any 'category' of music. 

... I went on a two week camping road trip with my boyfriend all the way around Iceland this summer. We listened to the traditional Icelandic folk singer Steíndor Andersen and Darkthrone Demos. In the summer I like to listen to anything from Goran Bregovic to Dan Deacon to Bad Brains, I don't know, I don't listen to music that seasonally and I don't like listening to songs, I like listening to albums.

PR: … Lana del Ray? 

PR: AHHAH. For end: life motto? 
ATHENA WILSON: No learning No hugging

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